Boston Viridis - ARM® Microservers 4U

Suggested for

  • Data Centre
  • Storage
  • Education
  • Financial
  • High Performance Computing
  • Media & Entertainment

Key Features

  • 36 x 3.5" or 72 x 2.5" HDDs per 4U enclosure
  • Providing up to 144TB per system
  • 192 cores per 2U enclosure
  • Ten times the performance at the same power in the same space
  • Cut energy and space by 90%
  • Industry leading low power consumption (<300W)

Viridis 2U

Viridis 2U

Introducing The Evolutionary 4U ARM®-Based Server!

Boston is proud to present the latest in its ground-breaking series of ultra-low power ARM®-based servers: the 4U Viridis for high density storage platform - available for testing today!

The low power, high density Viridis platform allows for configurations of up to 1000+ servers per rack or ~1.5PB of storage per rack, providing you with industry-leading power, space and cost savings! Now in 4U form factor, the Viridis can be configured with both 36x 3.5" drives or 72x 2.5" drives, providing up to an incredible 144TB per enclosure. Click on the link below to book your exclusive test drive!

High Density Storage and Data Analytics

A combination of high-density compute with high-performance distributed storage for data analytics applications

  • Provides a scaleable computational and storage platform
  • Suited to Hadoop and ScaleIO type operation
  • Storage and processing options to suit specific demands

Gluster Storage Appliance

High-capacity, high-performance storage appliance for scalable environments

  • Provides a scale-out Gluster based storage solution for environments demanding scalable storage capacity and performance
  • A balanced processing to storage

Ceph Optimised Viridis Storage

Increase scalability, manageability and significantly lower overall operational costs with Ceph’s software defined storage architecture

  • Leverages commodity hardware - No need for expensive RAID drives
  • Self-managing and self-healing
  • No single point of failure - fully distributed!

Find out more about the Ceph Optimised Viridis Storage platform.

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