Boston Viridis - ARM® Microservers 2U

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  • Data Centre

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  • Financial

  • High Performance Computing

  • Media & Entertainment

Key Features

  • 192 cores per 2U enclosure
  • Ten times the performance at the same power in the same space
  • Cut energy and space by 90%
  • Industry leading low power consumption (<300W)
  • 5W Per Node
  • 48 Node Ultra-Low Power Arm Cluster
  • 192 Cores per 2U System

Viridis 4U

Viridis 4U


Hyperscale Computing represents an inflexion point in the industry that will disrupt the very concept of a server in future systems. Modern servers have come a long way, but they are nonetheless fundamentally based around designs originally created decades ago.

The Boston Viridis is a self contained, highly extensible, 48 node ultra-low power ARM® cluster with integral high-speed interconnect and storage within a standard single 2U rack mount enclosure.

Racks of individually connected, high-power, low density servers and blades are installed in modern data centres thousands at a time. Each of these server systems requires its own networking infrastructure, high power distribution, HVAC, and maintenance engineers to take care of it when things go wrong. These ineffciencies could cost data centres billions.

The Boston Viridis uses Server-on-Chip (SoC) technology to integrate the CPU (powered by ARM®), networking and IO onto the server chip. SoC technology, which began life as an embedded systems technology but is primed to storm the data centre in the next few years allows for mass levels of integration at high density requiring little active cooling. With this technology today we can now configure over a thousand servers in a standard 42U rack.

The Boston Viridis uses the ARM® -based Calxeda EnergyCore® to create a rack mountable 2U server cluster. The solution comprises of 192 processing cores leading the way towards energy effcient hyperscale computing.

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Linux Server Farm Appliance

A preconfigured deployment environment to rapidly install and configure the Viridis server.

  • Automatically deploy hundreds of servers in minutes with predefined profiles
  • Additional configuration modules available to automate the deployment of specific profiles - such as LAMP stack, web development stack, general compute node

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