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Immersed Computing-H11DSi-NT

Boston Immersed Computing® H11DSi-NT - High Performance and Energy Efficient

Released: 28/11/2018

Immersed Computing Twin H11DST-B

The Immersed Computing server lines are optimised for Asperitas systems.

Released: 27/11/2018

NVIDIA DGX-2 Datasheet

NVIDIA DGX-2 Datasheet

Released: 22/11/2018

Quadro RTX 6000 Datasheet


Released: 25/10/2018

Quadro RTX 5000 Datasheet


Released: 25/10/2018

Boston Flash IO Talyn

At a time where deep learning solutions are processing data faster than typical storage bandwidth can match; the Boston Flash-IO Talyn family is designed to accelerate the data feed to your GPU servers ensuring your GPU’s can operate to their full potential. Organisations could also be paying for complex and expensive all-flash arrays with advanced storage features, that aren’t fully utilised, just to keep up.

Released: 18/10/2018

vScaler for Deep Learning

Deep learning is redefining what’s possible. From early-stage startups, scientific research centers to large web service providers, Deep Learning has become the fundamental building block in delivering revolutionary solutions that define and shape our world.

Released: 16/10/2018

vScaler for Broadcast

vScaler enables Broadcast and Media companies to transition to IP-based infrastructures, either as a physical appliance, as a cloud-based service, or as both in a hybrid model.

Released: 16/10/2018

vScaler for CFD

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to solve and analyse problems that involve fluid flows.

Released: 16/10/2018

Boston Igloo-Q

The Boston Igloo-Q provides non-stop, high-performance storage for the most-demanding workloads using economical, commodity hardware. Engineered to be a complete solution, the product does away with operational complexity, replacing it with scalable operations that require fewer human resources. Linear scaling, run-time configuration flexibility, and real-time performance monitoring means responding to changing storage requirements is nearly instantaneous. Support for rolling upgrades and non-disruptive cluster expansion removes the burden of planned outages.

Released: 10/10/2018

Boston Igloo Nebari

The Boston Igloo Nebari, developed in partnership with NYRIAD features NSULATE, a Linux block device that functions as a software-defined alternative to RAID for configuring fast, reliable, larger scale storage solutions.

Released: 08/09/2018

Mellanox SN2700 Product Brief

Mellanox SN2700 provides the most predictable, highest density 100gbe switching platform for the growing demands of today’s data centres.

Released: 15/08/2018

Mellanox SN2010 Product Brief

The SN2010 switch is the ideal top of rack (ToR) solution for hyper-converged and storage deployments.

Released: 15/08/2018

Boston MU-VR

Virtual reality is quickly becoming the medium of choice for a variety of leisure and commercial applications including; gaming, simulation, engineering and training; to name a few.

Released: 30/06/2018

Boston Quattro EPYC

The Boston Quattro featuring EPYC is a 2U multi-node system supporting the highest performance processor, memory, storage, I/O and an incredible 30% better thermal capacity.

Released: 29/06/2018

Boston Immersed Computing Solution

With an impressive catalogue of compatible hardware SKUs and the expertise to ensure your solution meets your full requirements; a collaboration between award-winning Immersed Computing experts Asperitas and Boston offers an end-to-end Immersed Computing "datacentre-in-a-box" solution for both cloud providers and datacentre operators.

Released: 28/06/2018


Data scientists depend on computing performance to gain insights and innovate faster, using the power of deep learning and analytics. GPU technology offers a faster path to AI, but building a platform goes well beyond deploying a server and GPUs.

Released: 13/05/2018

NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU Accelerator

NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 is the world's most advanced data centre GPU ever built to accelerate AI, HPC, and graphics.

Released: 28/03/2018

Boston Igloo Jovian

The Boston Igloo Jovian is a high capacity unified file and block storage system that provides both Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Network functionality with an added level of SSD I/O acceleration.

Released: 31/01/2018

Boston ANNA Volta

Powered by four ground-breaking technologies with discontinuous jumps in performance, NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs enable lightning fast nodes to deliver the highest absolute performance for HPC and deep learning workloads with infinite computing needs. The Boston ANNA Volta is a masterclass of server design and innovation, creating a streamlined architecture which eliminates complex cabling and GPU pre-heat for maximum airflow, cooling and performance-per-watt.

Released: 15/12/2017

Boston ANNA Volta XL

Featuring 8x NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU accelerators for deep learning training, the Boston ANNA Volta XL is purpose-built to dramatically reduce training time, allowing data scientists to train deep learning models without compromising between accuracy and time to deployment. Running Caffe and Torch on the Tesla V100 delivers the same model within days versus weeks on CPU based compute systems.

Released: 15/12/2017

Boston Quattro 12256-T

The Boston Quattro 12256-T is a 2U, 4-node server featuring the latest generation Intel® Xeon Phi processor (codenamed Knights Landing) is designed with parallelism and vectorised workloads in mind. In collaboration with Calyos, Boston have now developed an improved “LHP edition" of this server SKU by utilising their cooling solution based on LHP (Loop Heat Pipe) technology.

Released: 15/12/2017

Boston ANNA

Today's leading deep learning models typically take days to weeks to train, forcing data scientists to make compromises between accuracy and time to deployment. The Boston ANNA, features 8 x NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU accelerators (customized configurations enable up to 10x GPU accelerators) for deep learning training, purpose-built to dramatically reduce training time.

Released: 30/10/2017

Vscaler - Private Cloud

vScaler is an integrated and finely-tuned stack that takes the deployment complexity out of OpenStack and manages your entire infrastructure. vScaler also includes HPC deployment capabilities within OpenStack. With vScaler, you can deploy your on premise private cloud in minutes, add cloud-based services or applications, and scale to public or hybrid cloud environments on-demand - all under a single management portal.

Released: 30/10/2017

Boston Venom 2501-0T

The Boston Venom 2501-0T is designed to be the perfect companion for all design, VFX and digital content professionals. Readily equipped to handle the most intensive applications across many professional industries - the Venom 2501-0T is helping researchers, analysts, engineers and digital effects artists do their job faster, more efficiently, and with better results.

Released: 11/09/2017

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