Boston Gearing up for ISC

Posted on 13 June, 2012

ISC 2012 Boston is starting to gear up for ISC next week at Hamburg Conference Centre, 17-21 June 2012.

Systems are packed, delegates prepped, passports ready and Thunderbirds are go!

Highlights at the Boston stand (#516) include the Boston Viridis that has been designed in partnership with Calxeda.

This innovative server demonstrates our new generation of ultra low power computing platforms based on Calxeda ARM® EnergyCore™ SOC (System on a chip) processors.

With 48 nodes available in a 2U enclosure this ultra efficient new platform can provide for up to 900 servers per industry standard 42U rack while consuming less than one tenth the power that many of today's processors use.  Designed and built exclusively for the server market the Viridis server has been optimized to provide data centre performance whilst consuming power comparable to a mobile device; ensuring customers are provided with industry-leading power, space and cost savings.

Boston is also showcasing a Liquid Cooled solution in partnership with Iceotope.

Each server motherboard is completely immersed in an inert liquid coolant. This cooling fluid passively transfers heat away from the sensitive electronics to a tightly integrated heat exchanger, through which water is pumped at low pressure. Compared to traditional air cooling systems, the liquids are thousands of times more effective in capturing and transferring heat, thereby requiring much less energy to run the overall system as the water can be allowed to run warmer whilst still providing adequate cooling.

Alongside the above highlight, Boston will be presenting an exciting array of high performance solutions for the supercomputing arena. As always, our technicians will be on hand to talk you through our full range of server, storage and workstation solutions, as well as our unique lab facilities and customization options.

So in an industry where it pays to stand out, pay a visit to Boston's stand to discuss your bespoke requirements and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about Boston Viridis, check out our original press release.

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