Boston Limited unveil their revolutionary Boston Viridis

15 November 2011    Source:

Boston Limited are proud to unveil their latest innovative collaboration with Calxeda with the announcement of Boston's new generation of ultra low power computing platforms based on Calxeda ARM® EnergyCore™ SOC (System on a chip) processors.

Based on a completely new architecture outside of the traditional x86 platforms, the Boston Viridis Project provides a revolutionary new approach to highly parallel ultra low power computing with a self contained highly extensible multi node cluster with integral high speed interconnects and storage all contained within a tiny 2U rack mount appliance.

With 48 nodes available in a 2U enclosure this exciting new platform can provide for up to a staggering 900 servers per industry standard 42U rack and can deliver up to 10x the performance per watt over existing processor technologies.

Designed and built exclusively for the server market this ultra efficient new server appliance has been optimized from the ground upwards to provide data centre performance whilst consuming power comparable to a mobile device to assure industry leading power, space and operational costs.

Boston is working closely with Calxeda to demonstrate the full breadth of capabilities offered by appliances that fall within Boston's Viridis Project. Now, OEM partners and large data centre customers can leverage both Boston and Calxeda's design expertise, allowing them to easily build hyper-scale sized clusters in a fraction of the time compared to designing traditional server systems from the ground up.

Boston will be making this platform available very shortly to provide interested partners with access to these leading technologies to test, benchmark and optimise their code via our Boston labs facilities. Click here for more information about Boston labs.

Based on Calxeda's ultra efficient EnergyCard's this platform assures game changing performance within the server arena. Based on four quad Core EnergyCore SOC's (system on a chip) integrated onto a local fabric Boston's solution collectively forms a complete multi server cluster that can be easily expanded with additional cards. With each board exposing up to eight 10GbE fabric links and SATA to a passive system board for previously unheard of levels of expansion.

Similar in concept to blade servers, each EnergyCore-based server chassis contains a base system board with one or more slots compatible with Calxeda EnergyCards. This extensible approach means that as your computing requirements grow, meeting that demand is as simple as plugging in additional EnergyCards as needed.

Manoj Nayee, Managing Director of Boston Limited, says, "As a specialist in low power, server and storage platforms, Boston have been inundated with requests for highly efficient scalable solutions that provide increased power savings over the current technologies. Calxeda's unique approach provides a server on a chip that consumes 5W under maximum load with dynamic power optimisation and routing that enables us to provide up to 90% power savings over traditional platforms."

"We are happy to partner with Boston Limited, who are bringing new clients and workloads to ultra-low power computing" said Karl Freund, VP of Marketing of Calxeda. "This market is going to explode next year, and Boston is ready to support customers lining up for proof of concepts and subsequent production systems".

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