Supermicro SC846A SAS Backplane

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Supermicro SC846A SAS Backplane

Key Features

Front Connectors: Chip MG9072 Upgrade Connectors JP69, JP78 and JP115 ACT_IN JP26, JP47 and JP108 I²C Connector #1 JP37, #2 JP95, #3 JP52, #4 JP96, #5 JP116, #6 JP117 Power Connectors (4-pin) JP10, JP13, JP46, JP48, JP109, JP110 IPASS Connector CH# 0-3 JSM1, CH# 4-7 JSM2, CH# 8-11 JSM3, CH# 12-15 JSM4, CH# 16-19 JSM5, CH# 20-23 JSM6


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  • Form Factor


  • LED indicators

    Failure LED
    Fan Fail LED
    Hard drive activity LED
    Power status LED
    System Overheat LED

  • Manufacturer


  • Safety Guidelines

    Always disconnect power cables before installing or removing any components from the computer
    Disconnect the power cable before installing or removing any cables from the backplane
    Handle the RAID card by its edges only
    Make sure that the backplane is securely and properly installed on the motherboard
    Put the card and peripherals back into their antistatic bags when not in use
    Touch a grounded metal object before removing component from the antistatic bag
    Use a grounded wrist strap designed to prevent static discharge
    When handling chips or modules, avoid touching their pins

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