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As digital content, such as music, video, photos and games, becomes more integrated into everyday life, the idea of static data storage is becoming obsolete. In today's on-demand world, you want to access, share and secure your digital content using dynamic storage solutions that give you the freedom to do business, create and interact - anytime, anywhere.

From protecting treasured family photos and personal music collections, to developing next-generation consumer electronics devices and large enterprise networks, Seagate delivers advanced digital storage solutions to meet the needs of today's consumers and tomorrow's applications.

The digital storage market continues to grow at a rapid pace - fuelled by the explosion in content being created and consumed, as well as new legislation requiring businesses to store specific records and information. Storage solutions today are not just about keeping your valuable data safe and secure, but also helping your information and media to be as accessible and flexible as you need it to be. Now you can access and take your content with you wherever you go - in your car, on your business trip, to the gym. From home entertainment consumer electronics devices to large enterprise data centres, Seagate digital storage solutions empower you to make the most of your content - for business and pleasure.

Recent Articles

Seagate Ships World's First 8TB Hard Drives
Seagate has announced it is shipping the world's first 8TB hard disk drive.
26 August 2014
Seagate Ships World's Fastest 6TB Drive For Scale-out, Cloud-based Data Centers
Seagate has announced it is now shipping the worlds fastest 6TB hard disk drive (HDD) - the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4.
07 April 2014
Seagate's Samsung HDD Division Ships World's Thinnest 2TB Storage Solution
Seagate Technology plc has announced that its Samsung HDD division is shipping the new 2.5-inch Spinpoint M9T, which at 9.5 mm thin is the world's thinnest 2TB hard drive.
06 November 2013
Seagate Joins Industry Leaders To Form New Storage Association
Seagate has announced that it has co-founded the Storage Products Association (SPA), a new forum designed to educate consumers and professionals alike about the critical role hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) technologies plays in today’s digital age.
13 August 2013
Seagate Unveils Worlds Fastest Enterprise Hard Drive
Seagate has announced it is shipping the world's fastest hard drive - the Seagate Enterprise Turbo SSHD. The industry's first enterprise solid state hybrid drive (SSHD), the Enterprise Turbo SSHD combines the capacity of a hard drive with solid-state flash enabling high-speed performance for mission critical data.
24 July 2013

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