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Since 2014 Asperitas has worked on validating and developing Immersed Computing® as a unique approach to the datacentre industry. Building on existing liquid immersion cooling technologies by adding integration of power and network components, improving cooling physics with a strong focus on design and engineering for usability, Asperitas has come up with a complete and integrated solution which can be effectively utilised in most, if not all situations. 




Supporting demanding datacentre workloads through sustainable immersion cooling solutions


Powered by Asperitas

Asperitas is a Dutch cleantech company, located in The Netherlands. The award-winning company was founded in 2014 and the first solution was launched in 2017. Since then, Asperitas has gone from strength to strength, taking the lead as immersion cooling specialists for datacentres.

The Asperitas mission is to provide immersion cooling solutions globally to achieve an energy neutral datacentre industry. The business thrives on innovation that’s proven and tested, with the enthusiastic team using a scientific approach to continually optimise all solutions. With the help of Asperitas, customers can support the demands of current and future workloads by offering the highest possible performance, energy reduction, density and flexibility in their datacentre.













For a dense, environmentally responsible, efficient and reliable datacentre

With an impressive catalogue of expertise to ensure the solution meets your full requirements; the collaboration between award-winning immersion cooling experts Asperitas and Boston offers an end-to-end immersion cooling "datacentre-in-a-box" solution for enterprise, cloud and telecom providers, HPC and datacentre operators. Powered by their unique Immersed Computing® technology concept, Asperitas' AIC24 immersion cooling solutions facilitate optimised immersion ready servers with a max. 21"format.





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