dataScaler Storage Range

The current explosion of data being generated is creating significant demands on existing IT storage infrastructure. Traditional storage architectures struggle to keep up with the demand for both capacity and performance. The Boston dataScaler range addresses these problems with a number of Scale-Out-Storage solutions for NAS, SAN and HPC.

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It’s time to free your information. Explosive data growth has stretched existing hardware storage—and IT resources—to their limits. It’s time to free your information from its aging infrastructure. And exploit it. The Boston dataScaler-SDS powered by Red Hat® Storage, an open software-defined storage solution, delivers a continuous storage platform across physical, virtual, and cloud resources. So you can transform your big, semi structured, and unstructured data from a burden into an asset. Making it nimble. And smarter.
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Igloo Scalebox

The Boston Igloo ScaleBox is a platform validated and optimised for use in BeeGFS Storage Clusters. The Boston Igloo ScaleBox provides users with an easy to scale modular block for building scale-out HPC filesystems. This modular approach also allows users to start small and scale over time as cluster demand increases.
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The Boston dataScaler-HPC is specifically designed to address the requirements of large scale high performance clusters and is the ideal add on to our xScaler range of clusters.
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The Boston dataScaler-SAN aggregates internal and direct-attached disk capacity, across servers, and presents it as a highly available, high performance, easy to manage storage pool. dataScaler-SAN is highly elastic, enabling administrators to add, move, and remove servers and storage devices on the fly.
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