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The Boston Group prides itself on being at the cutting edge of the latest technology innovations that can be applied to your organisation today, as well as solving real-world problems efficiently and cost-effectively.





How Does It Work?


AI and machine learning projects are well underway in many organisations, but few are achieving the results that were initially thought possible.

Graphcore, a UK based company, has published interesting benchmarks on their newly launched 3rd generation systems, which are based on the world's first 3D Wafer-on-Wafer Bow processor. The Bow IPU delivers a huge power and efficiency boost, enabling significant performance improvements for real-world AI applications.

Take a look at the benchmarks here and discover real-world examples of where IPU technology is reliably delivering improved business performance, increased security, lower operational risk, and create compelling value for customers.

As Intelligence Processing Units have so many potential applications, we have developed Access IPU events – these are one-to-one sessions to showcase the very latest IPU products, specifically to address your use-case scenarios. We also offer an open invitation to bring your own AI challenges to the table for a dedicated session with our team of experts.


Case Studies




Whether you’re a researcher, an industrialist or in financial services, AI is redefining the nature of business and Graphcore IPUs enable new types of work to be executed that has not been possible using conventional technologies. If you haven’t had first-hand experience of Graphcore’s IPU technology, we would welcome the opportunity to give you full access so you can see for yourself how your workloads can benefit from these advanced systems.

Get in touch today to reserve your spot at one of our Access IPU events - each session is tailored to your needs and will cover the following agenda:

Demo with our experts, Chief Technologist and Sales Engineering Support:
• AI expert workshop (30min)
• What IPU technology is (10min)
• What is the best application for IPU technology today (10min)
• Demo (10min)