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Posted on 22 December, 2021

As businesses look to improve storage capacities and maximise their protection against possible failures or cyber-attacks, which could result in loss of data or business downtime. Limiting the possibility of such events which could cost hundreds of thousands or millions, improving quality and flexibility of data storage is of the utmost importance.

The one-platform approach from IBM seeks to maximise economic efficiency within a single storage architecture – a god send when it comes to businesses who wish to simplify their IT complexity and increase their business opportunities. The IBM FlashSystem Technology is a one platform, multi-application and multi-environment solution and provides a single storage platform, capable of supporting diverse application environments and consolidating storage assets.

  • IBM FlashSystem GUI Dashboard – a one-stop way to quickly see into all key areas of the system operation, check system health, bandwidth, IOPS performance, etc.
  • Provisions storage for a variety of hosts and clusters, such as VMware, AIX, HP-UX, and others
  • External Virtualisation with ‘Spectrum Virtualize’ – the capability to virtualise over 500 external storage devices from IBM or other storage vendors
  • Complements a variety of industry applications, including container storage and VMware

The solution focuses heavily on security and IBM understand that data resilience is of critical importance. From data destructive events to natural disasters, cyber-attacks or human error, businesses require the ability to be protected from or the ability to quickly recover from concerns such as these.

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize software - data resilience with high availability (100% or ‘six-nines’ availability)
  • Remote mirroring and nondisruptive data migration using IBM HyperSwap®
  • IBM FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy
    • ensures speedy recovery from cyber attacks
    • Automatic, Immutable, Isolated and fast
    • Prevents modification or deletion of copies

If you would like to find out how IBM and Boston can help you fully realise your storage approach, you can find out more here.

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