Gamescom 2018 Roundup

Posted on 29 August, 2018

Gamescom 2018 Round-Up Blog

Self-described as the ‘Home of Gaming’, Gamescom is entering its 10th year as one of the premier digital entertainment events with exhibitors from more than 50 countries and over 300,000 attendees! This year, we partnered with HTC Vive, Vertigo Games and Alternate to demo a new location-based edition of the virtual reality game, Arizona Sunshine.

Unlike Mobile World Congress earlier this year, our Roamer MU-VR demo featured new HTC Vive Wireless Adapters that empowered all users to experience true freedom in the premium VR space.

On day 1 of Gamescom, HTC announced the launch of their new wireless adapter that supports Vive and Vive Pro user to be wireless from their PC. Paired with the Roamer MU-VR, the first-person shooter game verified the potential of untethered Virtual Reality by utilising tracking sensors in the weapons and headsets to fully-immerse users in the game; walking through the real-world area to access different rooms, elevators and more in-game!

Hats off to @Vertigo_Games, @htcvive and @bostonlimited for putting together the awesome Arizona Sunshine LB experience at #Gamescom2018. It was my favourite #VR experience from the show ??

— Mike - VR Oasis (@vr_oasis) August 27, 2018

Attendees this year were not disappointed with familiar gamers such as Sarazar, Sturmwaffel and Logo descending on Cologne this year’s event. We had the opportunity to host Staiy on the Roamer MU-VR solution and get his reactions after:

How was your experience on Arizona Sunshine Location Based?
“It was ridiculous. I never saw anything like it!”

How did the wireless feel vs others you’ve tried?
“Wireless is the way to go. It doesn’t feel natural otherwise which is the ambition. This was pretty close.”



Other Gamescom attendees left their feedback regarding the Roamer MU-VR and Arizona Sunshine Demo

"I really loved the experience, everything worked fine and I think its a REALLY good thing you're doing! VR world needs this!", Thomas, VoodooDE

"In short, we believe it! This new kind of virtual experience shows the future of video games and we look forward to it!", Metro Belgium/Couple of Pixels

"Absolutely loved the demo in Cologne - one of the most transformative gaming experiences I saw at the show this year", Martijn Cobussen, Press Play Media?


Huge thank you to Alternate, as well as HTC Vive and Vertigo Games, for providing the opportunity for us to display our turnkey Roamer MU-VR solution on such an amazing platform. Click here to view photos and videos of our time at Gamescom!


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