Introducing: Boston ANNA Volta XL

Posted on 2017/11/10

Boston ANNA Volta XL

Featuring 8x NVIDIA® Volta™ GPUs and taking advantage of next generation NVLink™

The Boston ANNA Volta XL, features 8x NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU accelerators for deep learning training, purpose-built to dramatically reduce training time. Running Caffe and Torch on the Tesla V100 delivers the same model within days versus weeks on CPU based compute systems.

Why Volta? From scientific discovery to artificial intelligence, high performance computing (HPC) is an important pillar that fuels the progress of humanity. Modern HPC data centers are currently solving some of the greatest challenges facing the world today. With traditional CPUs no longer delivering the performance gains they used to, the path forward for HPC data centers is GPU accelerated computing. NVIDIA Tesla V100 powered by NVIDIA Volta™ architecture is the computational engine for scientific computing and artificial intelligence. 

This solution is available for testing now - enquire for more information

View the Boston ANNA Volta XL Datasheet

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