Lights out in London! How the ARM-based Viridis can help your business survive a power cut

Posted on 01 August, 2013

The team over at were on-site with a customer in Central London this week when a major power cut severely impacted the office building. IT services started to fail, traffic lights went dark, and local services were brought to a standstill, with some people even being trapped underground between tube stations!

The resulting blog of the experience raises some interesting questions and suggests a different way of approaching disaster planning, specifically regarding a complete loss of power.

What if they had been using an ARM® Server?

Inspired by the power cut we experienced in central London, the table below compares a traditional x86 server environment with an ultra-low power ARM®-based server showing how the Boston Viridis consumes as little 8.5W for over 7 hours!

Servers Type Number of servers/cores Power Consumption Lifetime on UPS
Intel E5-2680 4 servers / 64 cores 1560w 38.4mins
Viridis Cortex A9 180 servers / 720 cores 1530w 39.2mins
Viridis Cortex A9 16 servers / 64 cores 136w 441mins / 7.3hrs

This shows how the customer would have been able to continue delivering services for the duration of the power cut - but only if it was using the ultra-low power Boston Viridis.

Read more about the experience at

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