Boston Viridis on Show at Nerve 2013!

Posted on 25 June, 2013

Boston is delighted to announce that the Viridis Microserver has been selected by ARM® to be in their showcase of bleeding-edge IT products at the Nerve 2013 conference in Cambridge, UK (, 25th - 27th July).

Nerve showcases the world's most disruptive technologies; introducing world changing ideas, technologies and trends to entrepreneurs, investors and advisers. As part of the conference, Boston technology partners ARM have requested a Viridis system from Boston enabling them to demonstrate their involvement in innovative solutions that are making an impact on the IT industry.

Boston's Viridis Microserver, the world's first ARM-based server when it was launched at ISC 2012, is presented at Nerve as a demonstration of power efficient computing that is sensitive to the health of our planet and the scarcity of natural resources. The ultra-low energy Viridis is ideally positioned to cope with complex workloads in big data environments, delivering amazing performance-per-watt figures not possible in traditional datacentres.

As well as ARM CEO Warren East, speakers at Nerve include Harold 'Sonny' White (winner of the NASA Medal for Excellence and the Spaceflight Awareness Honoree award) and Kevin Warwick (a cybernetics professor known as 'Captain Cyborg' for his control of electronic devices through a chip implanted into his arm).

Nerve 2013 is set to be an excellent event, and we're looking forward to learning more about what other products join Viridis as a world first.

Learn more about the ARM-based Viridis here.

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