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GPU Computing

NVIDIA Tesla 1

Imagine a processor that offers advanced design capabilities for entertainment and commerce, while enabling scientists to tackle the world's most challenging problems from climate research to quantum physics. The GPU makes all of this possible.

GPU computing is the use of a GPU (graphics processing unit) together with a CPU to accelerate general-purpose scientific and engineering applications. Introduced by NVIDIA, GPU computing has quickly become an industry standard, enjoyed by millions of users worldwide and adopted by virtually all computing vendors.

GPU computing offers unprecedented application performance by offloading compute-intensive portions of the application to the GPU, while the remainder of the code still runs on the CPU. From a user's perspective, applications simply run significantly faster.


A simple way to understand the difference between a CPU and GPU is to compare how they process tasks. A CPU consists of a few cores that are optimised for sequential serial processing, whereas a GPU consists of thousands of smaller, more efficient cores designed for handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

NVIDIA Tesla 2

Boost up with Tesla K80

Three reasons to acceberate your data centre

The NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 is the world’s most powerful accelerator built for scientific computing and data analytics. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Many of the compute-intensive applications running in your machine learning and HPC system are GPU-accelerated.
  2. You can replace up to eight CPU servers with one Tesla K80-powered server.
  3. Data centre throughput increases dramatically with the Tesla K80.

Download the Tesla K80 executive brief to learn more about why you should deploy this GPU in your data centre.

Rethink HPC with accelerated computing

Learn why industry analysts believe GPU computing has reached its tipping point in the HPC market and will continue to grow with the increase of application optimization. Download the Intersect360 whitepaper to learn more.

Maximize your data centre throughput

The NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 GPU is the world’s fastest accelerator for high-performance computing. It’s packed with design innovations that speed up all your GPU-accelerated applications.

Check out the performance benchmark infographic and see just how much Tesla K80 GPUs can boost performance in your data centre.

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