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EPCC smash LINPACK record thanks to Boston-powered liquid cooled GPU cluster

Posted on 28 June 2014

Boston is delighted to announce that the University of Edinburgh's entry into the ISC 2014 Student Cluster Competition, EPCC, has been awarded first place in the LINPACK test! Congratulations team! The guys at EPCC harnessed Boston's liquid cooled GPU servers to smash the 10Tflop mark for the first time - shattering the previous record of 9.27Tflops set by students at ASC14 earlier this month. The team recorded a score of 10.14Tflops producing 3.38 Tflops/kW which would achieve a rank of #4 in the Green500, a list of the most energy efficient supercomputers in the world. Xu Guo of the EPCC team, said, "Pairing liquid cooled GPU technology with Boston's Supermicro-based HPC servers allowed the team to divert more power for compute and less on cooling. The student group was able to reduce the power required for cooling by removing a number of fans from the server and allocating more of their resources to compute nodes."

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