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Boston Venom GPU Compute & Workstation Solutions

Suggested for

  • Education

  • Financial

  • High Performance Computing

  • Media & Entertainment

Key Features

  • High density, GPU-accelerated workstations

  • Designed for high-performance graphics, parallel processing and high-speed rendering

  • Visualise and simulate at the same time on a single system using NVIDIA Maximus technology

  • NVIDIA Tesla or AMD Firestream ready

  • Liquid cooling options for low noise operation

CUDA-Accelerated Applications

Detailed below are a small selection of applications that have been accelerated using the CUDA parallel computing architecture of nVIDIA Tesla™ GPUs to yield fantastic performance gains over traditional CPU based compute platforms.

Oil & Gas

  • Acceleware: Kirchoff and Reverse Time Migration
  • SeismicCity: 3D seismic imaging for prestack depth migration
  • OpenGeoSolutions: Spectral decomposition and inversion
  • Mercury Computer systems: 3D data visualization
  • ffA: 3D Seismic processing software
  • Headwave: Prestack data processing
  • GIS: Manifold
  • MATLAB plugin: Accelereyes

Financial computing and options pricing

  • SciComp: derivatives pricing
  • Hanweck: options pricing
  • Exegy: Risk Analysis
  • Aqumin: 3D Visualization of market data
  • Level 3 Finance
  • OnEye (Australia): Accelerated Trading Solutions
  • Arbitragis Trading
  • Enabling GPU Computing in the R Statistical Environment
  • MATLAB plugin: Accelereyes

Video, Imaging, and Vision Applications

  • Axxon Intellect Enterprise Video Surveillance Software
  • Pflow CUDA Plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max
  • RUINS Shatter CUDA Plug-in for Maya
  • Bullet 3D Multi-Physics Library with CUDA Support
  • CUDA Voxel Rendering Engine
  • NVPP: NVIDIA Performance Primitives (early access) Volume Rendering with CUDA for VTK / Slicer3
  • Furryball: Direct3D GPU Rendering Plugin for Maya
  • For consumer CUDA applications, visit NZone

+ Many more applications available optimised for the following industries:

  • Government & Defence
  • Molecular Dynamics & Computational Chemistry
  • Life sciences & Bio-informatics
  • Electrodynamics and Electromagnetic
  • Medical Imaging, CT, MRI
  • MATLAB, Labview, Mathematica, R
  • Electronic design automation
  • Weather & Ocean modeling
The multi-GPU workstation that Boston assembled is a veritable workhorse. I obtained 1.4 teraflops per second in sustained performance on real life applications. The kit is highly recommended for heterogeneous applications as it pairs two impressive Nehalem class processors with multiple Teslas. CLAUDIO ALBANESE, LEVEL 3 FINANCE

The Boston Venom family offers a complete range of liquid-cooled, GPU-accelerated workstations designed specifically to cater for the ever increasing demands within the Media & Entertainment arena.

Utilising NVIDIA®'s Tesla® Graphics Processing Unit companion processors alongside the latest multi-core x86 processor technologies from Intel® and AMD®, the Venom series offers incredible levels of density, CPU power and GPU performance.

An innovative new addition to the Venom range is our NVIDIA Maximus™ -inspired workstations. NVIDIA Maximus Technology combines the visualization capabilities of NVIDIA Quadro® GPUs with the HPC processing power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs - all within a compact midi-tower chassis.

The Venom 2300-series enables product design, animation and other digital content creation professionals to accelerate applications such as Autodesk® Maya, AutoCAD, Catia and Solidworks®.

Visualise and simulate at the same time on a single system using NVIDIA Maximus technology.

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