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Boston Igloo Nebari

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Beyond raid - hyperscale storage processing for big data and HPC computing

The Boston Igloo Nebari, utilises modern GPUs to perform storage-processing operations and can be configured as an alternative to RAID in the same environments that RAID solutions are typically used, in addition to enabling many new processing solutions.

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Boston Igloo Nebari

Powered by Nyriad®

Nyriad and Boston have collaborated to launch the first Supermicro based NSULATE™ storage server. Boston and Nyriad together have certified the system to provide highly resilient and ultra-dense storage. 


GPU-powered SSD Storage


Key Features

  •  Cryptographic checksums
  •  Create highly parallel arrays with hundreds of devices
  •  High performance, even with massive degradation


  •  Compatible with Linux filesystems and applications
  •  Real-time hyperscale erasure coding
  •  Warranty and support available




We help our clients make informed decisions about new technologies, Boston Igloo Nebari solutions are are available for testing. We actively encourage customers to approach us with their requirements and pain points so that we can effectively resolve them with the right solutions.


Our expert HPC and tech teams can advise on the best options for your workloads as well as providing benchmarks, integration and optimisation. Of course, a full range of end-to-end compute, storage and networking for your applications can be discussed at the same time.

 For Purchase or Hire

Our in-house experts will work to tailor your solution for your exacting requirements; whether that's a hardware or software specification, use-case or financial restriction. The Igloo Nebari and/or other systems can be leased in certain circumstances, please enquire for more information and a tailored quote.


NSULATE offers extreme data resilience. It uses a GPU to generate erasure encoded parity calculations to enable automatic data recovery on scales impossible with a RAID card or a CPU.


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A revolution in RAID! The Boston Igloo Nebari, developed in partnership with NYRIAD, features NSULATE, a Linux block device that functions as a software-defined alternative to RAID for configuring fast, reliable, larger scale storage solutions.

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