Intel D5 P5316 30.72TB NVMe PCIe4x4 QLC U.2 <0.5 DWPD R

Product Overview

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Highly efficient, read-optimized PCIe 4.0 drives designed for read-intensive and sequential workloads.


Intel D5 P5316 30.72TB NVMe PCIe4x4 QLC U.2 <0.5 DWPD R

Based on PCIe 4.0, the SSD D5-P5316 not only accelerates legacy HDD-based systems but also prior generation Intel SSD-based systems. In addition to increased performance, the Intel SSD D5-P5316 offerrs storage foorprint consolidation with up to 20x reduction of warm storage footprint.


Key Features

Enables up to 1PB of storage in just 1U 144-layer QLC TLC level quality and reliability


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  • Capacity


  • Category (sub)

    Solid-State Drives (SSD)

  • Form Factor

    U.2 15mm

  • Interface

    PCI-E 4.0

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