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View Boston's award-winning high-performance computing solutions and services. At Boston Labs we test and evaluate all the latest HPC technologies to ensure our solutions utilise the most innovative components on the market.


Management Software

Our cluster management solutions ensure your cluster is easy to manage & reduces any administration burdens.

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Management Head Nodes

Playing a critical role in any HPC cluster, our head nodes are specifically designed with fault tolerance & resilience in mind.

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Our HPC Services division reduces the burden of the day to day administration of your cluster by providing remote cluster management services.

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Our HPC storage solutions are designed to scale to any size to meet the insatiable growth of research storage demands.

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Our experts will ensure your cluster runs efficiently by establishing the network fabric is optimised for high bandwidth & low latency.

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Immersed Computing

Run your HPC cluster in a dense, environmentally responsible, efficient and reliable datacentre whilst lowering costs.

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GPU-accelerated alternative to RAID

The first Supermicro® based NSULATE™ storage server - utilising modern GPUs to perform storage processing operations as an alternative to RAID.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD

F1 industry leaders depend on cutting edge CFD, leading-edge hardware and software as well as teams of both HPC and F1 experts, find out about our offering.

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Designed with performance, power, density & efficiency in mind - tailored to your requirements with high-end fabrics or large memory capacity.

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To help our clients make informed decisions about new technologies, we have opened up our research & development facilities and actively encourage customers to try the latest platforms using their own tools and if necessary together with their existing hardware. Remote access is also available

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