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Our range of 3D servers & workstations with integrated PC-over-IP™ technology hardware enables you to free up desk space and reduce costs by consolidating equipment in the datacentre or server room whilst still maintaining a rich, fully featured and GPU accelerated user experience at the desktop worldwide and remotely.

Boston's approach implements the innovative PCoIP™ protocol to encrypt and encode the entire computing experience at the host machine and transmitting "pixels only" across a standard IP network to stateless PCoIP™ Zero Clients embedded into a Samsung™ LCD monitor. The integrated PCoIP™ Zero Client decompresses and distributes video, audio, USB and data contents while preserving high performance and real-time graphics from the host.

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Boston Roamer 1101-0
Boston Roamer 1101-0
Item #: BOS-RX0-1101-0 
The Boston Roamer 1101-0 provides an excellent balance of computing performance, server density and AMD NVGPU remote workstation support to your IT infrastructure - all in 1U rack mount form factor. This perfectly engineered system houses two Intel E5-2650 V4 processors, 64GB of DDR4 memory, 64GB SATA DOM, 8TB of storage space, dual port 10GbE RJ-45 and an AMD FirePro S7150 x2 to enable your VDI seats with the professional graphics features they need.
Boston Roamer 1400-7SM
Boston Roamer 1400-7SM
Item #: BOS-RX8-1400-7SM 
Boston Roamer 1100-7EP
Boston Roamer 1100-7EP
Item #: BOS-RX8-1100-7EP 
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