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Green I.T. Awards 2012 Finalist, The Venom 2000-7T is a high performance workstation based around a pair of the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600-series 8-core processors. As such, the Venom 2000-7T provides outstanding performance in CPU intensive tasks such as rendering, modelling and animation. These superbly fast CPUs are accompanied by cutting edge Nvidia Quadro workstation-class graphics cards, which are certified by all major software vendors.


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Boston Venom 2000-7T

Green I.T. Awards 2012 Finalist, The Venom 2000-7T is the fastest workstation available on the market thanks to its pair of 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors. Each of these CPUs has eight physical cores and eight additional Hyper-Threaded cores, each running at a nominal 2.6GHz.

However, thanks to the excellent cooling hardware inside the Venom 2000-7T these processors will automatically increase their clock speed up to 3GHz to provide increased performance when the system is under heavy load. These are not only the fastest CPUs on the market, up to 35% faster than the previous generation Xeon X5600-series; they also boast several new advanced features.

First and foremost among these is the enhanced memory controller, which now includes quad-channel memory support and DIMMs with a frequency of up to 1,600MHz. Together, these changes provide more memory bandwidth for the CPUs, making the Venom 2000-7T more responsive when working with large datasets and multitasking.

The Venom 2000-7T also includes support for the new PCI Express 3.0 bus, which provides double the bandwidth per lane (1GB/sec versus 500MB/sec) compared to the earlier PCI Express 2.1 bus. This means that compatible expansion cards are able to communicate much faster with the rest of the system, enhancing performance.

As standard the Venom 2000-7T is supplied with 32GB of 1,600MHz DDR3 memory so is easily able to run several workstation-class applications at once. Additional processing power is provided by a PNY Quadro 4000 graphics card, a super fast workstation-class graphics card. This card is equipped with 256 CUDA cores and a massive 2GB frame buffer so will accelerate your entire workflow. However, the Venom 2000-7T can also be configured with a variety of other graphics cards and GPGPU processing cards, with a maximum of three in one system.

The Venom 2000-7T’s other principle components have been specially chosen to ensure that the system provides best-in-class performance in every application. These include a super-fast 128GB SSD for the operating system and to act as a scratch drive plus two 1TB hard disks in a fault-tolerant RAID array for storing completed projects.

The Venom 2000-7T isn’t just a great workstation for today though, it’s also a great workstation for tomorrow thanks to its excellent upgrade potential. The motherboard has been specifically designed to support future faster CPUs, and can support up to 512GB of main system memory. It also has two free x16 PCI-E 3.0 and two x8 PCI-E 3.0 expansion slots for adding additional cards and support for three more 2.5in or 3.5in SSDs or hard disks.


  • Rendering
  • Modelling
  • Animation

    Key Features

    Two new 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPUs One Quadro 4000 2GB graphics card Support for up to three PCI Express 3.0 dual-slot graphics cards 32GB of quad-channel DDR3 1,600MHz memory Compact midi-tower chassis One 128GB SSD Two 1TB SATA HDDs in RAID 1 array


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    • Chipset

      Intel C602

    • Colour


    • CPU Family

      Intel Xeon

    • CPU Manufacturer


    • CPU Quantity (Maximum)


    • CPU Series

      Intel Xeon E5-2670

    • CPU Speed

      2.6 GHz

    • Drive Bays


    • Expansion Slots

      1 x PCI-E 3.0 x4 (in x8)
      2 x PCI-E 3.0 x8
      3 x PCI-E 3.0 x16

    • Form Factor


    • GPU Family

      NVIDIA Quadro Series

    • GPU Manufacturer


    • GPU Model

      Quadro 4000

    • HDD's (Installed)

      1 x 128GB Crucial M4 SATA3 Internal 2.5"
      2 x Hitachi 1TB 300 MBps 7200 rpm

    • Manufacturer


    • Memory Type

      DDR3 ECC Registered DIMM

    • Peripheral Drives

      1 x Supermicro DVD-RW

    • Power Consumption


    • Processor Configuration

      Dual Processor

    • Product Range

      Boston Venom

    • Software (Installed)

      Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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