Boston partners with Supermicro, Habana and SoftIron to showcase pioneering AI technology

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Basel, Switzerland, 7 September 2022 – Boston Limited, with thirty years of experience in providing high-performance technology, has partnered with Supermicro, Intel, and SoftIron at this year’s Intelligent Health exhibition, booth C20, held on the 7th and 8th of September, as part of the world’s leading AI in medicine summit series.

The aim of Intelligent Health is to bring together not only ideas but also bright minds able to make these ideas into a reality for the betterment of humanity. Attendees include clinicians, patients, decision-makers, and technologists to name a few.

The current and potential impact of artificial intelligence cannot be overstated, and Boston take a wide range of technologies and ensure they are Intelligently Applied™ to each customers requirements. This is Boston’s methodology, developed over 30 years and grounded in robust testing and evaluation, to implement pioneering technology in a variety of sectors including healthcare settings. Boston is facilitating a data-centric future by incorporating automation, optimisation, and intelligence to further human innovation.

As well as consultancy, skills development, AI and enabling heterogenous computing, Boston has developed an algorithm to detect anomalies in dense organs, currently focussed on the liver. This algorithm is used as a benchmark tool during the design of systems based on Supermicro, Intel and SoftIron technologies targeted as an assistive tool for medical purposes.

For Intelligent Health 2022 Boston has joined forces with Supermicro, one of Boston’s first and longest-standing partners. They have a formidable global presence with a significant portion of systems worldwide being built on Supermicro systems. To get to this point, Supermicro was and still is adamant about providing the highest quality hardware while also promoting green and sustainable IT.

Besides Supermicro, Boston is also bringing Habana®, an Intel company, with its Gaudi ®2 system to Intelligent Health 2022. Habana Gaudi®2 is designed for machine learning, training AI and deep learning workloads in data centres. Habana’s Gaudi® technology was architected from the ground up to make AI more accessible to more customers – so they can derive business insights and efficiencies and deliver the enhanced user experiences that AI can provide. Architected for high-efficiency deep compute, scalability, and usability, it exists to bring a new level of efficiency to data canter model training – whether in the cloud or on-premises.

At Intelligent Health Boston has also partnered with SoftIron, a manufacturer of appliances for scale-out data centers, private and public cloud, and enterprise-scale facilities.

SoftIron HyperCloud is the world’s first fully turnkey, totally integrated and supported, Intelligent Cloud FabricTM. Designed from the ground up, integrating hardware and software design.

“Innovations in the use of AI in healthcare promise to deliver dramatic improvements in both the speed and predictability of disease detection,” said Phil Crocker VP of Channels & Business Development at SoftIron, he continued, “We're excited to be working with Boston as they innovate in this area and in their selection of SoftIron's HyperCloud so soon after its market launch to form part of that solution.”

HyperCloud is a fully integrated platform that removes the complexity of integrating the many independent hardware and software layers needed to build and run a unified private or hybrid cloud.

“We noticed some of our larger customers who embark on data repatriation projects face uncertainty brought upon by public cloud, affected by the current economic situation and egress fees” said Dev Tyagi, Chief Sales and Marketing Director at Boston Limed, “The radical simplicity of HyperCloud by SoftIron makes these hybrid clouds a reality in what promises to be a fraction of the time and a fraction of the skills needed.”

Using pre-integrated building blocks, HyperCloud fully automates the provisioning of storage, compute, networking, and infrastructure services.  This enables the provision of a fully functioning, multi-tenant cloud that can be deployed in as little as half a day and less than half a rack and then can scale almost infinitely.

Collectively, between Supermicro, Intel Habana and SoftIron, Boston is able to realise the real-world potential of AI in the the healthcare domain providing an assistive technology promoting higher patient throughput and excellent quality diagnostics.

Boston: We are AI

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Visit Boston and those partners at Booth Number C20 and learn how 30 years of HPC experience and Intelligently Applied technology can help the advancement of global healthcare.

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