Cloudalize partners with Boston Limited to provide NVIDIA-powered Vertical Private Clouds

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NY, New York – April 15, 2021 - Cloudalize, provider of NVIDIA-powered cloud platform solutions today announces a strategic partnershipwith Boston Limited to provide an in-house private cloud offering: Private GPU Cloud. Powered by NVIDIA’s graphics-processing unit (GPU) technology, this deployment model delivers Cloudalize’s unique and proprietary full-stack cloud to any data centre location of choice.

This partnership brings together the expertise of Boston Limited in delivering datacentre hardware solutions with the NVIDIA-powered Cloudalize Cloud Platform to provide a real alternative to traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions, specifically for graphics visualisation use cases in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), manufacturing and educational organisations.

Cloudalize specialises in delivering GPU-powered cloud workstations and offers managed workspaces from two hosted data centre locations (Europe and North America), including heavy-duty Cloud Workstations (Desktop-as-a-Service) and App-streaming (Application-as-a-Service) from one single and unified platform. Private GPU Cloud by Cloudalize brings this modern and flexible technology, cloudo ptimisation expertise and hardware flexibility in an on-premises package for graphical acceleration needs. Organisations will benefit from guaranteed performance, exceptional user experience, cost optimisation, speed in IT transformation and greater security.

The Cloudalize Cloud Platform has been powered since its inception by NVIDIA GPU technology. Cloudalize has been a “Preferred Partner”of NVIDIA for many yearsand trusts its GPU technology to deliver greater and more robust performance than any other GPU cloud vendor. This has been confirmed in recent CAD and rendering offline and real-time benchmark tests conducted by Cloudalize focused on the AEC markets.

Quote Cloudalize:

“Vertical clouds, optimised in hardware and software, for a specific use case, beat plain vanilla horizontal clouds with ever greater performance and unitcost gaps for that use case. Cloudalize aims to bethe leading vertical cloud provider.”

Quote Boston:

“Boston's commitment to its customers is to provide access to the latest technology and deliver data centre hardware solutions. Our renowned reputation in delivering quality service to our customers combined with our strong technical skills allows us to provide solutions alongside the Cloudalize Cloud Platform to deliver private clouds with unrivalled performance-cost ratios.”

Quote Yonder Cloud:

“Platforms such as NVIDIA Omniverse and Epic Games Twinmotion need a vertical cloud distribution platform such as Cloudalize to effectively deliver on the massive end-customer value creation. Combined with our sustainable innovations in terms of data centre technology and business model, we are pioneering and redefining the concept of data centre sustainability together with our partners.”Cloudalize and Boston are participating at NVIDIA GTC 2021 with an on-demand session, SS32803, outlining their partnership, presenting the results of benchmark tests (Lumion rendering benchmark, Furmark real-time benchmark and Autodesk RevitRFO benchmark) between their vertical cloud and traditional horizontal clouds and dive in the use case of the vertical cloud platform created for Yonder Cloud.

About Cloudalize

Cloudalize provides an enterprise-ready cloud platform for small and medium enterprises/businesses (SMEs/SMBs), large organisations and education institutions. Powered by NVIDIA graphical-processing units (GPUs) to deliver greater performance power and a better end-user experience,custom-built on Cloudalize's intellectual property (IP). Cloudalize has data centres in North America and Europeand is backed by Hong Kong-based Horizon Ventures.

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About Boston Limited

Boston Limited has been providing cutting-edge technology since 1992 using Supermicro® building blocks. Our high performance, mission-critical server and storage solutions can be tailored for each specificc lient, helping you to create your ideal solution. From the initial specification, solutiondesign and even full custom branding – we can help you solve your toughest business challenges simply and effectively.

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