Boston Ruggedises with Tranquil ALL Terrain IT Fanless Technology

Thursday, 4 March 2021    Source:

St Albans, Frogmore, March 4th, 2021 - Boston Limited is pleased to announce the launch of the All Terrain IT products by Tranquil - a 2CRSi brand, to its customers.

Tranquil is a specialist in rugged and embedded IT, in state-of-the-art fanless PC and server form factors.  

Now more than ever, we are becoming heavily reliant on well-built technology that can last throughout our busiest working hours. Our expectations of these products, and how they should operate, has increased, paving the way for the innovative design and reliable performance that Tranquil offers. Tranquil fanless computers eliminate the risk of dust and dirt draw-in from the environment, which can lead to potential failures and costly downtime. Tranquil fanless systems also reduce total cost of ownership through; reliable uptime, reduced power consumption, lack of maintenance and the increased lifespan of product. Where normal PCs may fail, the rugged designs of Tranquil’s computers and servers can be placed in mission-critical environments. 

Tranquil was founded in 2003 in the UK with the vision to build reliable and quiet computers; every single system chassis is designed and manufactured entirely from within their own UK facility from raw aluminum billets that are precisely milled, and hand finished then anodized before being assembled and tested. Tranquil quality checks every single stage of its manufacturing process to ensure the highest of quality standards. 

In 2018, Tranquil became a 2CRSi brand, taking advantage of a global reach and benefiting from advanced access to the newest technologies available in the market. 

“Partnering with Boston Limited is a great achievement”, says Phillip Thompson, CEO of Tranquil. “Boston is known and renowned in the distribution world. We are confident that we can rely on Boston’s long established and recognised technical expertise, and benefit from their global reach to spread the word about what makes the Tranquil products stand out amidst other fanless systems. If specific customer needs require a more customised approach, our expertise in designing and manufacturing fanless and rugged systems products will allow us to provide OEM alternatives to our standard portfolio, backed up by the support of the Boston sales team.”

Manoj Nayee, Managing Director of Boston Limited, adds: "Tranquil creates incredibly high-quality computing products with a remarkable attention to detail. Like Boston, they have become industry leaders with state-of-the-art manufacturing and design. Many of our enterprise clients require reliable and rugged systems for applications where conditions can be harsh or sited in extreme environments at the computing edge. Tranquil are a perfect partner for Boston. Our partnership will allow us to address problems in a wide ranging set of applications within medical and healthcare, manufacturing, automotive/transportation, digital signage, telecom or security surveillance. I am confident that Boston’s global customer-base will be impressed with the many innovative features and qualities of the Tranquil product family and that our joint expertise will also be incredibly helpful to clients within these industries.”


For further information, including product details and specifications, please contact: 

Maz Lopez
[email protected]
+44(0)1727 876 100
Head of Marketing, Boston Limited
Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM GMT 

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