Boston IT Solutions Reveals Ground-Breaking Technologies

Boston IT Solutions Announce end-to-end solutions for media companies visiting this year's Broadcast India event.
Thursday, 20 October 2016    Source: In House

Mumbai, India (October 20th, 2016) - Boston IT Solutions are pleased to announce end-to-end solutions for the serious media companies visiting this year's popular film and broadcast event at Broadcast India.

Recognising the industry's move to cloud environments for digital content creation, creative artists, rendering and content delivery, Boston will showcase the vScaler platform which can orchestrate, manage and deploy ultra-dense yet scalable and high performance software defined infrastructure enabling on-premise, off-premise and hybrid cloud platforms.

Boston will also be showing on-premise local solutions like their Venom 2501-0P workstation. This system features the latest innovations from graphics stalwarts NVIDIA® with the Quadro™ P5000 GPU, built on the latest Pascal™ architecture. Whist the Venom 2501-0P is a physical workstation product, Boston also provides workstations in the cloud, using vScaler, and other products that will be on live demo at Broadcast India.

The 1U form factor Boston Roamer 1100-0 is the leading NVIDIA® GRID™ 3.0 platform incorporating NVIDIA® 's M60 GPU's and can be implemented as a standalone deployment or can be installed and managed by vScaler, making systems' administration a breeze with it's well designed user interface.

Boston will be pushing the boundaries of processing technology with the Supermicro® 5038K-I "Knights Landing" developer platform. This features up to 72 cores in a workstation-like pedestal system and acts a pre-cursor to production environments that can be found in the ubiquitous 2U, 4-node Quattro platform from Boston. The Quattro 12256-T system, based on Supermicro® technology, features four nodes supporting up to 72 cores per node and 384GB of DDR4 DRAM. This system may be utilised for ray tracing, machine learning and a raft of other complex processing workloads.

Mr. Manoj Nayee, Managing Director of the Boston group, comments:

"It is exciting to reveal both ground breaking new technologies and evolutions of successful product lines at this year's Broadcast India event. The broadcast, film and media & entertainment industry is constantly evolving and we feel that our solutions, innovations and services can truly assist the growth and capabilities of media companies."

Key products on show this year:


Boston Roamer 1100-0

Boston Venom 2501-0P

Boston KNL Solutions


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