Boston announces its Lustre SFF solution at ISC 2016

Storage appliance featuring Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre*
Tuesday, 21 June 2016    Source: In House

St. Albans, United Kingdom (June 16, 2016) - Boston announces its Lustre SFF (small form factor) solution as part of its exhibit at ISC 2016.

Lustre is the most widely used parallel file system in the HPC industry, however its typically reserved for larger clusters and institutes with generous budgets. Small to medium sized clusters are typically deployed with NFS as a shared file system providing limited scalability and performance. The Boston Lustre SFF aims to address this problem.

Boston Limited's Lustre SFF appliance is the latest addition to Boston's Lustre based parallel file system portfolio and provides a lower cost / capacity entry point for Lustre storage systems. Traditional Lustre solutions on the market are focused on addressing the high end cluster users, while the Boston Lustre SFF is designed for small or mid-sized clusters with capacities as low as 50TB (and scaling to 250TB). This solution provides a high performance alternative to standard NFS and provides customers with the option to scale and grow as the cluster and user demands increase over time.

"The Boston Lustre SFF has been developed and engineered in response to customer demands for higher performance HPC solutions at a more attractive price point. As an Intel Lustre Elite solution provider we have been working in this space for a number of years and have noticed a gap in the market for lower end users. This product addresses just that." David Power, Head of HPC, Boston Limited.

"Lustre has begun to make exciting progress among customers who have growing data sets and are feeling the impacts of low performance of NFS. Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre provides enterprise customers a powerful parallel file system in an easy to manage product package. Our collaboration with Boston UK is an example of industry momentum for Lustre solution delivery to the global market." Brent Gorda, General Manager for Intel's High Performance Data Division.

Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* provides unmatched speed, and efficiency compared to other platforms and gives you the ability to independently Scale-Out or Scale-Up your storage in response to user demands.

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