Boston Limited partner with Q-Leap Networks to provide Turnkey HPC, Storage and Cloud solutions

Monday, 3 November 2014    Source: In House

St Albans, UK (October 30, 2014) - Boston Limited, a leading UK-based manufacturer of high performance, low-power server, storage and clustered solutions, today announces a new partnership with Q-Leap Networks, the creator of the cluster OS Qlustar, to offer scalable out-of-the-box HPC, storage and cloud cluster solutions to their customers that are easy to deploy and operate. Boston's state-of-the-art hardware components combined with the management capabilities of Qlustar will deliver powerful ready-to-run cluster systems for datacentres of all size. Supporting any kind of HPC workload, various cluster file-systems (Lustre, BeeGFS, Ceph), private clouds based on OpenStack as well as 'big data'a analytics capabilities, these solutions will be able to cover all requirements of modern compute centres in industry and research.

Boston has been designing and deploying HPC solutions for the past two decades, using leading technologies and components from the world's foremost high performance computing specialists. The Boston HPC range spans the latest compute, interconnect and storage technologies and offers leading density, performance and costs.

David Power, Head of HPC at Boston, says, "We are delighted to be working with Q-Leap. It's a natural coming together of some of the industry's best hardware solutions and Q-Leap's award-winning cluster management software.

"At Boston we've built our reputation on supplying world renowned hardware from the industry's top names. Having forged relationships with the key players in the HPC arena, we are at the leading edge of new technology and are always first to market with innovative new solutions. This collaboration with Q-Leap to provide turnkey HPC, Storage and Cloud solutions further outlines our ambition to deliver tightly integrated all-in-one clustering products with full support and operation under Linux."

Qlustar is a full-fledged Linux distribution designed to be used as an all-in-one Cluster Operating System. Being based on Debian/Ubuntu, Qlustar implements a number of ground-breaking approaches to next-generation cluster management that allow to setup and operate clusters of any size with low administrative overhead. A large number of systems in industry and academia are currently running on Qlustar with Q-Leap Networks providing services around them.

QluMan, Qlustar's management framework, takes cluster operations to a new level by delivering:

  • A modern and responsive graphical user interface.
  • Fast, easy and consistent cluster setup.
  • Efficient monitoring of hard- and software failures.
  • A unique remote execution engine with unparalleled capabilities to control cluster nodes.

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