LSI Nytro XD Flash Caching Maximizes Performance and Virtual Machine Density

Virtualization support with native hypervisor capabilities increases application performance and lowers operational costs for SAN and DAS environments
Tuesday, 15 October 2013    Source:

VMWORLD 2013, BARCELONA, Spain, October 15, 2013 - LSI Corporation (NASDAQ: LSI) today announced the LSI® Nytro™ XD Application Acceleration Storage Solution now features integrated support for VMware virtualization software. The Nytro XD solution with VMware support combines a PCIe® flash card with intelligent, host-based caching software specifically designed for virtualized environments.

Virtualization is pervasive in the enterprise, but IT organizations are often limited in the number of virtual machines (VMs) they can deploy due to the storage I/O bottleneck caused by slow hard disk access. The Nytro XD solution helps to eliminate storage bottlenecks in virtualized environments by dramatically improving IOPS performance and VM density and does so with minimal impact to existing infrastructures.

The Nytro XD solution accelerates IOPS performance for applications running inside VMs by intelligently caching the most frequently accessed "hot" data on low-latency PCIe flash storage. The Nytro XD solution is designed to integrate quickly and easily with VMware vSphere®, vCenter™ and vMotion™ and is transparent to system administration through native VMware management.

The Nytro XD solution customer benefits include:

  • Cost-effective acceleration of existing SAN, DAS and NAS (VMware only) storage through automated and intelligent caching of hot data to PCIe flash storage
  • Up to 3x greater VM density, allowing for server consolidation, reduced rack space requirements and lower power, cooling and licensing costs
  • Improved CPU power utilization, enabling idle CPUs to support additional business applications
  • Reduced network storage load by removing frequent-read I/Os from network storage, leaving the storage free to devote more IOPS to writes
  • Non-disruptive IT operations by not requiring the installation of agents or drivers for each guest OS

"With a relatively small investment in PCIe flash storage, the Nytro XD solution delivers an incredibly cost-effective method for improving application performance and VM density for existing storage infrastructures," said Robin Wagner, senior director of marketing, Datacenter Solutions Group, LSI. "For key applications such as databases and virtual desktops, the ability to intelligently cache hot data in low-latency PCIe flash storage accelerates access to data and helps enable faster boot times and greater business productivity."

VMware support is available as a free download for the currently available Nytro XD solutions in flash capacities of 400GB and 800GB, and will be offered on the newly introduced 1.6TB capacity point model.

The LSI Nytro XD solution is a part of the comprehensive LSI Nytro product portfolio of PCIe flash adapters, including the Nytro WarpDrive® and Nytro MegaRAID® product families. The products are available from select LSI original equipment manufacturers and through the LSI worldwide network of distributors, integrators and VARs.

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