Fusion-io Enhances ION Data Accelerator with New Features for Availability and Scalability

Record-Breaking ION Data Accelerator All-Flash Storage Solution Now Offers Expanded Enterprise Support for Performance-Critical Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Database Environments
Monday, 28 October 2013    Source: http://www.fusionio.com

FRANKFURT - Oct. 28, 2013 [SNW Europe Trade Show Stand 122] - Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO) today announced new updates to its record-breaking Fusion ION Data Accelerator all-flash shared storage solution. With broader high availability (HA), increased performance and scalability, as well as simplified sharing and manageability, the new features enhance the appeal of ION Data Accelerator as an ideal flash-based storage consolidation solution for enterprises seeking to add a record-breaking flash performance tier for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases and other mission critical applications.

"Fusion ION Data Accelerator delivers outstanding performance for enterprise database workloads and has also recently set a number of world records in VMware VMmark scoreswith our OEM partners," said Afshin Daghi, Fusion-io Vice President of Systems Engineering. "Fusion ION Data Accelerator removes storage-related performance bottlenecks to maximize performance for enterprise applications. This new release enhances the enterprise appeal of the ION Data Accelerator solution with features that deliver expanded options for high availability, scalability and management across the datacenter."

In addition to support for performance acceleration in highly available Fibre Channel SAN environments, Fusion ION Data Accelerator 2.2 now supports HA deployments in high performance InfiniBand and iSCSI environments for critical applications like Oracle andMicrosoft SQL Server databases. The new HA support in ION Data Accelerator provides the data availability database administrators require to ensure businesses can operate seamlessly while delivering breakthrough performance.

Fusion ION Data Accelerator now also features increased performance and scalability with higher bandwidth 56 gigabit FDR InfiniBand and 40 gigabit iSCSI interfaces. Customers can scale their database environment up to 448 gigabit in a single ION Data Accelerator by adding multiple, low latency, high bandwidth interfaces. This high performance connectivity simplifies network management and eliminates the potential storage network infrastructure performance limitations that exist with storage arrays serving demanding I/O applications. In addition, ION Data Accelerator extends the useful like of traditional storage by offloading performance related storage tasks.

Provided with Fusion-io products such as Fusion ION Data Accelerator at no extra charge, theFusion ioSphere management software now offers simplified ION Data Accelerator manageability at scale in mission critical environments. Fusion ioSphere provides configuration and operational management of HA deployments and shared storage for multiple application environments. Independent storage pools can be concurrently created and managed within ioSphere for each application sharing the flash performance tier. Administrators can also dynamically and easily expand host connectivity as applications horizontally scale performance with the addition of new servers.

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