Boston Presents the First ARM Cluster That Consumes Only 5W of Power at Supercomputing 2012

13 November 2012    Source: In House

Salt Lake City, Utah (November 13, 2012). Boston Limited a leading manufacturer of high performance, low-powered server, storage and clustered solutions, is proud to present its ultra-low power ARM®-based server, the Boston Viridis, at the 24th Supercomputing Conference, held in Salt Lake City.

At this year's event, Boston will be discussing their ultra-low power Viridis platform that is based on ARM processor technology, whose chip designs power the Apple® iPhone®, iPad® and many other low-power consumer devices.

Unlike conventional x86 platforms, the Boston Viridis uses ultra-low power ARM-based System-on-Chips (SoCh's). Consuming as little as 5 Watts per SoC, the Boston Viridis is designed specifically to provide supercomputing performance whilst delivering a staggering reduction in energy costs when compared with conventional servers.

With the industry®s most comprehensive range of ARM-based servers, the Boston Viridis platform is available as both a 2U high density compute platform and two 4U storage platforms. Each of these Viridis units contains up to 12 quad-node EnergyCards with built-in Layer-2 networking, providing up to 192 cores and 48 nodes per enclosure. The 2U compute system can be configured with 24x 2.5" drives (SATA/SSD) while the 4U storage platform can be configured with both 36x 3.5" drives or 72x 2.5" drives, providing up to 144TB per enclosure. These low power high density solutions allow for configurations of up to 1000+ servers per rack or ~1.5PB of storage per rack, providing customers with industry-leading power, space and cost savings.

Supported by Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS and Fedora v17+ distributions, the Boston Viridis has been shown to run popular software platforms including Cloud Management software from Openstack, Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, applications built in Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and the popular LAMP stack.

David Power, Head of HPC at Boston, said: "Boston is delighted to present our Viridis platform at SC®12. With the launch of our ARM-based server earlier this year, Boston proudly arrived first-to-market ahead of some of the world's leading IT companies.

"As part of our continuous research and innovation into ultra-low powered ARM-based servers, we have recently unveiled benchmark results showing the low power capabilities of the Viridis. A 2U Viridis platform, containing 24 server nodes (over six EnergyCards), 96GB of memory and 24x 256GB SSD drives, measures an incredible 130W of power 'at the wall'. This equates to just 5.5W of power per server - inclusive of memory, disk and chassis-level overhead!"

For the latest benchmark results and further information on the Viridis platform, please visit Boston's dedicated technical blog,, that monitors the development of the Viridis.

To find out more and to download high resolution images, please visit:

The Boston Viridis server datasheet
White-paper: Revolutionising the data centre
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