Scale with confidence

Shortest path from pilot to production

Migrating from one infrastructure to another is never easy. This task, among others, is made simple through Scale Computing's know-how of data architectures and associated best-practices.

Slash configuration time by 90%

Management made easy

Scale Computing's products are designed to make data management is simple an user friendly as possible. For this purpose Scale Computing has created three software to cover every facet of management.

  • SC//Platform
  • SC//Fleet manager
  • SC//HyperCore


Enjoy faster time to value, be it in the datacentre, distributed enterprise, or the edge. You will be able to scale freely without concern for loss in performance. It's main purpose is to bring simplicity, high availability, and scalability into one platform. Your application can now run in a fully integrated platfrom - regardless of your hardware requirements, you will have the power to run your infrastructure efficiently even at the edge.

SC//Fleet manager

Scale from a single cluster to over 50,000 clusters with the help of SC// Fleet Manager. Reap the benefits of the first cloud-hosted monitoring and management tool build, designed specifically for hyperconverged edge computing infrastructure at scale. Now you can securely monitor and manage your entire fleet of clusters running SC//HyperCore. Reduce your cluster maintenance time by 50% or more.


Simplfy your system and infrastructure with the help of Scale Computing HyperCore&trad;. Traditional IT silos are on the way out - with the help of HyperCore, you will save time and resources by having software, servers, and storage in a fully integrated platform. This real-time self-healing platform identifies, reduces, and corrects problems on the go, so your application uptime can be as productive as possible.


Scale Computing not only provides the software for simpler datacentre management. They also provide hardware that is easy to use and is even easier to own. Their simple solutions brings together virtualization, servers, storage, and backup/disaster recovery. This eliminates need for third-party components or licensing. The systems they provide fall in six categories.

  • HE100 - leveraging Intel® Core CPUs
  • HE5000 - using Intel® Xeon® E-2300 CPUs
  • HC1000, 3000, and 5000 - all utilising Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • Busines Resiliency System (BRS) - built on the Intel® Xeon® CPUs