KIOXIA Europe GmbH (formerly Toshiba Memory Europe) is the European subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, the world's leading provider of flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs). From the invention of flash memory to the development of BiCS FLASHTM 3D technology, KIOXIA is considered a pioneer in the field of innovative storage solutions and services, with high quality and reliability.

The innovative 3D flash memory technology BiCS FLASHTM is an important component in almost all electronic devices that require data storage, such as SSDs for enterprises, data centers and individual customers, embedded flash solutions for the automotive, mobile phone, consumer and commercial sectors Applications, SSDs, SD/microSD cards and USB flash drives for cell phones, game consoles, cameras, tablets, notebooks, PCs, etc. By developing new storage solutions, KIOXIA ensures new, inspiring experiences.








The origin of the name "KIOXIA"

On October 1, 2019, KIOXIA Holdings Corporation made a new beginning. The name KIOXIA is a combination of the Japanese word kioku for "memory". and the Greek word axia for “value”.

The concept of kioku, which underlies KIOXIA's mission and vision, goes beyond the idea of ??memory as mere data and more broadly encompasses experiences, emotions and ideas.




Flash memory (BiC FLASH, NAND flash memory, SLC-NAND)

KIOXIA has been developing flash memory (called NOR), a new type of semiconductor memory, since 1984. This was followed by various flash memories, such as NAND flash and BiCS FLASH™, which have since been used in a variety of memory cards and electronic devices.


Is a 3D flash memory that realizes an even larger storage capacity


Managed Flash

Are flash storage solutions with an integrated controller chip in a package (e.g. UFS, e-MMC or UFS/e-MMC for vehicles)



Flash memory is available in numerous capacity sizes and package types (e.g. SLC-NAND, BENAND™, serial interface NAND)



KIOXIA SSD (Solid State Drives) for Business

KIOXIA's range of solid state drives (SSD) is based on the BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory and offers optimized SSD products and solutions for client PCs, servers and storage in enterprise environments and cloud data centers. There are different SSD products depending on the area of application - namely:

Enterprise SSDs

Designed for traditional servers and storage, providing high performance and reliability for mission-critical systems. These include the FL, CM und PM Serie.

SSDs for data centers

Low power consumption with high performance; optimized for large cloud data centers (CD and XD series).

Client SSDs

They are compact and consume little power. They are designed for a variety of applications including PCs, entry-level servers and IoT/embedded applications. ( XG and BG series)

Wide Temperature NVMe™ SSDs

The solution for a wide operating temperature range with embedded BGA SSD or with removable M.2 2230 form factor, the AG1 Series.




The Storage software suite “KumoScale™” implements a fast network block storage service based on the NVMe-oF™ (NVMe™ over Fabrics) standard. It therefore offers real added value for back-end storage for cloud services.

KumoScale™ is designed for speedand scalability and offers the flexibility of a shared cluster storage pool with similar performance to a DAS* NVMe™ SSD (Direct Attached Storage).


In the data center, NVMe SSDs can therefore be shared between many servers to enable efficient, low-latency network storage.





Ideal fields of application are:

Cloud Services


SaaS services for consumers


Marketplaces, clearinghouses (travel, tickets, stock trading)




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