IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator

IBM introduces the IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator which finds the most optimal solution for complex, real-world design problems in less time and uses less resources than its competition. You can ensure better business outcomes and increase the productivity of your experimental infrastructure without adding specialized data scientists.






Your New Cluster Topology

The solution works by helping your HPC cluster know where to look. It sits outside of your traditional HPC cluster and is dedicated to running Bayesian Optimization methods only. Your HPC cluster will send the values for constraints and objective function(s) to the appliance, which will send back new locations in the search space to find optimal solutions.





Fast Innovation

BOA finds solutions faster with easy, quick initial integration and methods that require fewer starting inputs and scale in parallel to decrease the time to result.



Superior Results

You will achieve Superior Results, as BOA locates the most optimum solution 98% of the time with traceable, explainable optimization decisions that require no prior data, avoiding bias.



Fewer Resources

These methods can be applied without specialized data science skills and make existing infrastructure more efficient, keeping costs down while still responding to business needs.




What makes this different?

Unlike open source Bayesian libraries, it can scale to orders of magnitude more dimensions which allows you to tackle real world problems instead of academic ones. And unlike search methods such as Grid, or Random search, it determines design points with much fewer samples required, which gets to results faster and cheaper. In fact, in comparison tests, Bayesian Optimization Accelerator reaches the least regret solution in the fastest time in over 80% of experiments.









CFD, Aeroelasticity, Multi-disciplinary, Optimization and Stochastic Design




CFD, Crash and Safety, NVH and ADAS



Electronic Design

Signal Integrity, Synthesis and PCB Design




Oil & Gas

Seismic Data Processing and Resevoir Simulation


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