Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies provides silicon and software technologies that seamlessly bring people, information, and digital content together.

They offer a broad portfolio of capabilities and services including custom and standard product ICs, adapters, systems and software that are trusted by the world's best known brands to power leading solutions in the storage and networking markets.


Their storage products comprise the industry's broadest portfolio of silicon and software solutions, with new innovations such as solid state storage and 6Gb/s SAS Switch building on Avago's legacy of first-to-market traditions. The Avago family of SAS products includes RAID on Chip, host-bus adapters, RAID controller cards, and advanced software.

Server and external storage vendors use these products to build industry-leading storage solutions. Their SoCs (system-on-a-chip) power hard disk drives and solid-state drives, enabling higher capacity points to accommodate ever-increasing amounts of data.


The Avago portfolio for wireless, enterprise, and wireline networking allows intelligence, control, and security to be distributed throughout the network. Our media processing family powers media gateways and accelerates rich media processing for applications such as enterprise video conferencing, and our multiservice processors allow for the migration of legacy networks to lower-cost Ethernet and IP-based networks.

Our multicore communication processor family provides an asymmetric multicore platform for applications such as wireless base stations, gateways, and data center control plan processing. Our multicore processors and accelerators deliver deterministic, low-latency performance with best-in-class traffic management, deep packet inspection, security processing, and packet processing.

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Recent Articles

MegaRAID CacheVault Technology
Write-back cache improves application performance by storing write data to high performance cache memory during periods of heavy use. When there is a break in user requests the data is then written from the cache memory to the array.
08 March 2016
LSI Nytro Flash Accelerator Cards Help to Optimize Performance of SQL Server 2014
LSI has announced that LSI Nytro flash accelerator cards have been tested to help amplify the performance of SQL Server 2014.
24 April 2014
New LSI Nytro MegaRAID Card Doubles Flash Capacity
LSI has extended the Nytro product portfolio with the introduction of the Nytro MegaRAID 8140-8e8i card.
01 April 2014
LSI Introduces 12Gb/s SAS MegaRAID Controller Cards and Expanders to Power Leading Datacenters
At its annual Accelerating Innovation Summit, LSI has introduced its new family of 12Gb/s SAS MegaRAID controller cards and expanders, built to power leading datacenters worldwide.
21 November 2013
LSI Targets High-Growth Hyperscale Datacenter Market Segment with New Nytro Series
At its annual Accelerating Innovation Summit, LSI has announced it has extended the Nytro portfolio of PCIe flash cards to include the Nytro XP6200 series.
21 November 2013

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