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Newsletter for 07 May 2015

Make your rendering workflow a lot faster with NVIDIA® VCA

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Make your rendering workflow a lot faster with NVIDIA® VCA
Boston are excited to introduce the new Quadro VCA from NVIDIA®. The NVIDIA Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) is a powerful network appliance for creating photorealistic images of 3D models and scenes. Work with a single NVIDIA VCA, or combine multiple VCAs to interactively design products with noise-free clarity and the realism of physically based global illumination. Make faster, more confident design decisions without interrupting the creative process to render test movies or build physical prototypes, and examine virtual models as if they were real objects. Click here to see the VCA specifications.

Boston Venom 3401-7T workstation wins 'Extreme Performance' award
The Venom 3401-7T is a workstation designed by Boston to be the ultimate workstation for all design, VFX and digital professionals. This workstation brings together the often disjointed design and simulation processes into one package; dramatically increasing productivity and allowing engineers, designers and content creators to do more, faster, and with better results. eTeknix reviewed this system and gave it a 'Extreme Performance' award. Click here to view the review. Download our datasheet now.

Looking to upgrade? We have a new memory upgrade tool
If you are looking to upgrade the memory in your Supermicro-based server or workstation we can help you find just what you need. Boston stock a wide range of Supermicro validated memory modules and highly recommend using validated memory wherever possible. All you need to get started is to know the model number of the motherboard or system you have. Click here to get started.

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