5 Reasons Why AMD Instinctâ„¢ MI300A Accelerators are a Gamechanger in HPC and AI

Posted on 03 January, 2024

AMD Instinct™ MI300 Series Accelerators

Bringing you the AMD Instinct™ MI300 Series Accelerators – an incredible release from our esteemed partner, AMD. These accelerators are poised to redefine the way we approach AI and HPC workloads, delivering unparalleled performance, memory density and support for specialised data formats! The MI300 comes in two flavours, the MI300A and the MI300X.

Unmatched compute performance

At the core of the AMD Instinct MI300 Series accelerators is the AMD CDNA™ 3 architecture. This architectural phenomenon introduces Matrix Core Technologies, supporting a diverse range of precision capabilities. From highly efficient INT8 and FP8 for AI workloads, including sparsity support, to the demanding FP64 for HPC applications, the MI300 Series is meticulously engineered to address the entire spectrum of computational needs.

Introducing the MI300X Accelerators

The MI300X Series accelerators stand out as leaders in Generative AI workloads and HPC applications. Boasting an impressive 304 GPU Compute Units, 192 GB of HBM3 Memory and a peak theoretical memory bandwidth of 5.3 TB/s, these accelerators represent a powerhouse of performance.

MI300X platform integration

However, the innovation doesn't stop at raw power. The MI300X Platform takes a leap forward by seamlessly integrating eight fully connected MI300X GPU OAM modules onto an industry-standard OCP design using 4th-Gen AMD Infinity Fabric™ links. This design not only delivers up to 1.5TB HBM3 capacity for low-latency AI processing but also provides a ready-to-deploy solution. By simplifying integration into existing AI rack and server infrastructure, it accelerates time-to-market and reduces development costs.

Empowering AI and HPC with MI300A APUs

The MI300A accelerated processing units (APUs) represent a fusion of AMD Instinct accelerators and AMD EPYC™ processors, containing shared memory to enhance efficiency, flexibility and programmability. With 228 GPU Compute Units, 24 “Zen 4” x86 CPU Cores, 128 GB Unified HBM3 Memory and a theoretical memory bandwidth of 5.3 TB/s, these APUs exemplify the convergence of AI and HPC, driving research and discovery forward.

5 reasons why AMD Instinct™ MI300A Accelerators are a gamechanger in HPC and AI

1. Leadership performance for AI and HPC:

The MI300Xintegrates 304 high-throughput GPU Compute Units and 192GB of stacked HBM3 memory over a coherent, high-bandwidth fabric with a leadership 5.3TB/s peak theoretical bandwidth. Based on AMD’s CDNA™ 3, the MI300X offers industry leading performance and efficiency in the ever-increasing demands of generative AI, large-language models, machine learning training, inferencing, and HPC workloads.

2. More acceleration for massive data sets:

The MI300 series utilise state-of-the-art die-stacking, chiplet technologies and special processing such as Matrix Core Technologies in a multi-chip architecture. This enables dense compute and high-bandwidth memory in one package , reducing the need for data movement and enhancing powerefficiency.

3. Enhanced data centre power use:

AMD Instinct MI300A not only packs in the next gen GPU Compute Units, but also the industry leading ‘Zen4’ CPU cores onto the same multi-chip package, accelerating the convergence of HPC and AI applications at scale. High efficiency is achieved by bringing the CPU cores and GPU CU’s together, as well as eliminating data copy delays and offering shared cache between the CPU and GP.

4. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

Larger language models in AI workloads require huge memory and bandwidth. The MI300X, with its onboard 192GB of HBM3, allows more Inference jobs to run per GPU, speeding up performance and lowering the total number of GPU’s required. This reduces overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

5. Open, highly programmable GPU software platform:

AMD's ROCm™ open software ecosystem and programming toolset facilitate the adoption and use of multiple acceleration platforms, enabling cross-platform AI and HPC development. The MI300A APU features a unified memory space and AMD Infinity Cache™, simplifying programming, ensuring consistent runtime performance at scale and accelerating time to results.

Ready to deploy

The AMD Instinct MI300X data centre GPU, the performance release in the MI300 family, is designed to deliver raw acceleration power for the most demanding generative AI, training and HPC applications while improving energy efficiency. Deployed on an industry standard 8× OAIUBB 2.0 based platform, the MI300X GPU utilizes high-throughput GPU compute units (CUs) and boasts a leadership 192GB of high-bandwidth (HBM3) memory. All GPUs are fully connected over high bandwidth, low latency AMD Infinity Fabric™, addressing the cost, compatibility and power/cooling efficiency challenges inherent in deploying GPU systems at scale.

The next step in accelerators with AMD

The AMD Instinct™ MI300 Series Accelerators stand as trailblazers in AI and HPC innovation, offering unprecedented compute performance, memory density and support for specialised data formats. As we continue to unlock the potential of Exascale computing, these accelerators pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in scientific research. Partner with Boston and AMD to supercharge your AI and HPC endeavours and be a part of the future of computing.


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