GITEX 2023 Event Round Up

Posted on 23 October, 2023

Boston Limited at GITEX 2023: A Look Back at a Week of Innovation

Last week, the world's largest tech event, GITEX Global, brought together tech enthusiasts and innovators in Dubai to celebrate everything tech. It was a monumental event for Boston, and now, as we reminisce about the past week, we're excited to share the highlights of our journey into the dynamic 5G landscape. With platforms to strengthen our presence, we displayed a range of incredible products from our partners, including NVIDIA, Shell, Intel, Supermicro, Airspan and Asperitas, to create a tech extravaganza not to be missed!

What Happened Inside Our Booth?

We were overwhelmed by the response from those that attended our booth and were taken aback by the extremely positive reactions to our best-in-class 5G ecosystems. Our showcase included a lineup of applications, hardware and software that promised to alter the way we view technology. Here's a look back at the incredible experiences we offered:

VR-Powered Innovation

Our VR showcase was more than just a display; it was a captivating opportunity for visitors to step into the realm of virtual reality. Using a highly impressive system running the Autodesk VRED application, attendees could immerse themselves in a world of 3D modeling, design and engineering. It wasn't just a demonstration; it was an experiential journey into the limitless possibilities of VR technology.

The Potential of Cloud Gaming

At our booth, cloud gaming wasn't just a concept, it came to life with the Radia Arc. Attendees had the chance to interact with and experience cloud gaming like never before. The Radia Arc, with its powerful cloud gaming service, showcased the potential of gaming in the cloud, providing a hands-on experience that left visitors enthralled and excited about the future of gaming.

Liquid Cooling Excellence

Our Immersion Liquid Cooling system, brought to you by Asperitas and featuring Hydrocarbon Liquid Products from Shell, stole the spotlight. It wasn't merely an innovative cooling solution; it was a powerhouse of efficiency. Attendees were drawn to the cooling system, which not only ensures optimal temperature control but also demonstrates our commitment to sustainability through the use of environmentally friendly cooling solutions.

Airspan's 5G Marvel

Our partnership with Airspan was on full display at the event. Known for their remarkable hardware and software for private networks, Airspan displayed the Airspan AV2700 5G radio unit. This device, in combination with Niral Networks' software infrastructure, delivered a complete private 5G solution. Attendees had the chance to witness how this partnership is shaping the landscape of private network infrastructure, making it more accessible and efficient for various applications and industries.

Supermicro's Superb Systems

Supermicro, one of our trusted partners, introduced game-changing systems at the event. The SYS-210TP-HPTR, designed for Multi-Access Edge Computing and more, offered exceptional performance and flexibility. The SYS-211HE-FTNR, tailored for 5G Core and Edge, AI Inference and Cloud Computing, stood out as a star performer. Additionally, the BIGTWIN SUPERSERVER-220BT-HNTR, supporting 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, highlighted its suitability for diverse applications, from hyperconverged infrastructure to high-performance computing.

NVIDIA's Promise of a Better Future

Everybody that visited our booth was treated to insights into NVIDIA's innovative efforts. NVIDIA's goal of powering Near Realtime RIC with their GPUs promises remarkable improvements in energy efficiency and network bandwidth. This isn't just about presenting advanced hardware; it's about demonstrating a commitment to a more sustainable and efficient future in the tech world.

Until Next Time...

The past week was a remarkable journey into the future of technology, and Boston's partnership with industry giants brought it to the biggest stage in tech. The event was a resounding success, and we're excited to bring you unparalleled value with our tech advancements. Stay tuned for more as we continue to push the boundaries of what technology can achieve.

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