AI Summit 2023 Round Up

Posted on 23 June, 2023

Here's what happened at AI Summit 2023

The AI Summit a fortnight ago provided an invaluable opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in the latest advancements and trends in artificial intelligence (AI). In this blog, we’ve taken a look at some of the key discussions, product showcases and notable takeaways that emerged from this fantastic event. From groundbreaking talks to innovative product demonstrations, the AI Summit showcased our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI technology.

Insights from our AI Summit talks

The AI Summit featured a series of insightful talks, covering diverse aspects of AI. Two noteworthy presentations, coming from Rahul Tyagi and Amos Ankrah, captivated the audience's attention:

Quantum Computing: A Route to Artificial General Intelligence

Rahul Tyagi, CEO & Founder of SECQAI, shed light on the future of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) systems and the potential of quantum computing. Rahul emphasised the need to transcend current AI capabilities by exploring the power of hybrid quantum-classical systems. Leveraging quantum computing's ability to process complex computations at an unprecedented scale, AI can overcome existing hardware limitations, propelling progress towards AGI.

Quantum Frameworks to Support AI in Healthcare

Amos Ankrah, Solution Specialist at Boston Limited, delved into the application of quantum technology in healthcare and its impact on AI algorithms. Amos presented the roadmap of Boston Medical's in development algorithm, which is being designed to detect anomalies in large organs like the Liver. Evaluating and integrating quantum technologies, Boston Medical aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their in the works algorithm. He stressed the significance of partnerships, careful evaluation and informed technology choices in maximising the potential of quantum frameworks in healthcare.

Our Partners

Boston Limited, in collaboration with esteemed partners Supermicro, NVIDIA and Intel, proudly exhibited our innovative products at the summit. These showcased products not only highlighted our technological prowess, but also exemplified our commitment to advancing AI capabilities. Notable products featured at the event included:

We demonstrated the integration of 4 x A100 cards into the 6U Supermicro systems, showcasing the power and potential of NVIDIA's advanced AI hardware solutions. This integration enabled the utilisation of Gen AI, an ever-evolving technology that enhances AI capabilities.

The importance of this year’s summit

The AI Summit not only provided a platform for Boston Limited and our partners to showcase innovations but also brought together a diverse array of attendees that elevated the event's significance. The presence of influential figures such as Rishi Sunak, the UK's Prime Minister, and Taiwan's Minister of Digital Affairs, Audrey Tang, underscored the importance of the AI Summit as a global forum for advancing AI technology.

Their participation highlighted the recognition from policymakers of AI's transformative potential and the need for collaboration between industry, government and academia to harness its benefits. The AI Summit's ability to attract such notable individuals further solidified its status as a premier event in the AI landscape, facilitating crucial discussions and fostering partnerships that will shape the future of AI innovation and implementation.

Boston Limited: At the forefront of technological innovation

Our attendance at the AI Summit proved to be a resounding success, providing a platform for thought-provoking discussions, incredible product showcases and valuable networking opportunities. The event explored the potential of quantum computing in achieving Artificial General Intelligence and its application in the healthcare sector. The partnership between Boston Limited, Supermicro, NVIDIA and Intel showcased the collective dedication to advancing AI technology and featured impressive product offerings. As the field of AI continues to evolve, events like the AI Summit pave the way for collaboration, innovation, and the realisation of AI's true potential. Boston Limited remains at the forefront of this journey, driving AI advancements and actively shaping the future of the industry. ure of the industry.

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