Boston on Pitches 23

Posted on 31 May, 2023

Our annual football social, Boston on Pitches, RETURNS!

5 teams. 10 games. 1 trophy.

The people of the pitch. Our teams. *crowd cheers*







Old school tracking via pen and paper. Thanks Jon for your attention to detail on taking the scores.

The time inbetween

Looking good, feeling good, scoring goals.

Goalside catchups.

Noah Francis, Sales Exec.

Sukh Mander, FAE

Action replays

The moments we wish we could replay!

Max Martyn, Copywriter

Charlie Swan, Sales Exec. Talk about ‘Hopper’ architecture!

Amos Ankrah, Solutions Expert, challenged his inner cockroach!

Moments to relax

Chillin' on the pitch.

Starfish motives from Duvar Nash, Junior Accounts Payable Clerk

Damian Mikulski, HPC, sensing the air for his next move.

Relaxed, yet stern


No fear, just got for it.

Jaymish Limbani, Production & RMA Duty Manager showing us skills beyond words

Matt Parfitt getting low, protecting the goal

Stuart Simpson, showing pure determination to the game


The crowd was alive

Mike Kempski, Production & RMA Manager, making his game predictions!

Hayley Ward, Hannah Vullo, Georgie Orford talking tactics.

Stephen Ward, Sales Executive, lays down next years fixtures.


Chloe Smith, Sales Support and Orders, and Alejandra Alvarez, Overseas Operations Manager, soaking up with sun with peace!

Through the clouds, our supporters watch as the game steps it up a little.

Joshua Short. Sales Exec, shows us his winning smile.

Special appearances

We were delighted to have a special appearance from Manoj Nayee and Harvey Kohli.

Manoj Nayee, Managing Director,
“The Man of the Net”

Harvey Kohli, SVP Boston,
from Las Vegas to St Albans.


A well-deserved curry and beers for all.

Smashed it!

Champs drink and refuel

See you next time!

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