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Posted on 27 April, 2022

Heavy-duty hardware is not cheap. We know how painstakingly difficult it can be to choose your perfect system, especially when you’re down to your two favourite contenders – and especially considering that investment at this level is long-term.

That’s why people come from all over the globe, to Boston Labs.

Over the last 30 years, Boston Limited has become famous for supplying and helping people to implement cutting-edge technology. It’s how we can provide our customers with such unique, hands-on experiences with innovative hardware and software solutions, guided by our experienced field application engineers.

We have hardware from all the top HPC competitors for you to compare, and we are also vendor-agnostic, which gives us (and you) the benefit of being able to provide unbiased opinions and solutions that suit your exact needs – we never feel any pressure to inflate any egos or sales; it’s simply about which technology will work best for you.

Every single component goes through rigorous testing. When new components are released, Boston Labs is one of the earliest testers, and we always post our findings in our blog posts. Our line of hardware and software available for testing is always being updated and fully stress-tested, so everyone visiting Boston Labs can be sure that they’re experiencing the best of the best.

For example, we recently hosted universities and research teams at Boston Labs, testing the Nvidia HGX range of servers for their work in AI and machine learning.

We are also in a unique position because we even have access to unreleased technologies, more than two years ahead of their debut, for testing, debugging, and troubleshooting.

We invite our customers to come in and conduct their own tests and set their own benchmarks, in our controlled test environments, where we run a comprehensive suite of software on all our systems. This minimises the need for support calls should in the event of any challenges once solutions are set up in the field.

As well as testing new products, Boston Labs is also the perfect environment for our customers to collaborate and develop products and proofs of concept, and experiment with multi-layer solutions. Our technical team can build full solution stacks on cloud-based lab systems and can even loan hardware for you to test in your own environment, so you can be sure that your new investment is up to the task.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to us at Boston Labs that every customer is introduced to all the vendors’ products available. Helping you to make an educated choice and invest in the right solution for you is much more important to us than winning brownie points with any particular manufacturer.

From the moment the idea flashes in your mind, to switching on the power on your new system, Boston Limited and Boston Labs are here to assist you with unbiased and expert advice and reassurance. Boston Limited has gained an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience over the past 30 years, and it grows every day, and with every new challenge. We’re here to hold your hand from the very beginning of your journey, through every challenge and opportunity, as you grow and transform.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by this idea of ‘transformation’, or you are eager to discover the next upgrade for your business, take a look at the line-up of hardware available at Boston Labs.

Check out what our R&D team has to say about the latest technologies and stay up to date via their blogs.

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