#GTC21 Partner Session - Accelerating AI: NVIDIA DGX A100 as-a-Service

Posted on 01 April, 2021

Accelerating AI: NVIDIA DGX A100 as-a-Service

Boston has partnered with a number of organisations to embed the powerful NVIDIA DGX A100 into their datacentres, but not all organisations can afford (or even need) all the hardware all of the time.

Boston has supported offering on-demand co-location approaches that will accelerate the deployment of AI/ML workloads. As a result, workloads are easily managed with the security and control provided by single-tenant, dedicated infrastructure combined with the flexibility and agility of cloud.

Register below to find out how Boston and Cyxtera came to launch AI/ML as a service, and how it delivers cost efficiency, time-to-market, flexibility, operational support and global coverage.


Watch Session On Demand during GTC21

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