Coming Soon: Virtual Boston Labs!

Posted on 25 March, 2021

New and improved technologies are emerging constantly and making the right decision about your hardware becomes a difficult proposition. In the last year, this decision was made even harder with customers being unable to test and understand the hardware first before making their purchase.

One of the unique facilities of Boston Limited is our state-of-the-art Boston Labs; where our technical team are ready to help you decide on the right product for the right task.

Now, more than ever, we understand how vital it is to be able to access everything digitally. Due to this we have developed our very own virtual Boston Labs! At your convenience, you can have access to expert help, leverage our expertise and view collateral from datasheets, white papers, videos and much more through our brand new virtual Boston Labs.

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To help our clients make informed decisions about new technologies, we have opened up our research & development facilities and actively encourage customers to try the latest platforms using their own tools and if necessary together with their existing hardware. Remote access is also available

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