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Posted on 18 May, 2020

The landscape of HPC and AI has just dramatically changed with the announcement of NVIDIA Ampere architecture and the associated A100 GPU and DGX A100 platforms. What does this mean for the technical community and what kind of performance gains can these technologies offer?

Join us for this FREE technical webinar where David Power, Head of HPC for Boston is joined by Paul Graham, Senior Solutions Architect at NVIDIA to discuss the how the benchmarks and technical specifications of A100 stack up in the real world and how DGX offers a universal system for AI workloads.

We’ll also be touching on the benefits of GPU in the cloud and AI reference architectures. There will also be an opportunity to pose your questions to David and Paul at the end of the webinar so make sure you submit them early or during the webinar via the Q&A tool.

Tags: nvidia, a100, tesla, keynote, gtc20, webinar, hpc, ai

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