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Posted on 26 April, 2020



From bankers to brokers, asset managers to traders, professionals in the financial services industry are accustomed to working in highly customized, onsite work environments. But as working remotely becomes a necessity in times of emergency, these professionals find themselves navigating uncharted waters with dispersed teams located at offshoot sites or from home. This creates unprecedented complexity in the day-to-day functions that are vital to the exchange of financial assets and the running of global markets.

These remote working environments come with operational, security, and communication challenges. Traders, for example, who aren’t synchronized to receive and send information at the same time as the principal site where their bank’s servers sit can face delays in the milliseconds. In the age of high-speed trading, these delays can be costly.

Various technologies can aid in some of these tasks that traditionally required workers to be present at a physical office, such as performing cybersecurity checks and resolving technical issues for customers. So while the industry is adopting virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for better data security and management, it needs to consider remote tools on laptops, in the cloud, in servers, and in workstations to enable deep learning, data science, virtualization, and portability for dynamic working environments in these new challenging times.



NVIDIA’s remote work solutions such as virtual GPU technology ensures mobility and performance in a fast-paced environment. NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software solutions bring the power of NVIDIA GPUs to virtual desktops, apps, and workstations, accelerating VDI performance, graphics, and compute to make virtualized workspaces accessible to technical professionals. Since data is stored securely in the data center, professionals can access workspaces from anywhere, on any device, with a native PClike experience.



Remote work technology can be transformative for the financial services industry. When developing their technology roadmap, organizations have to assess their current infrastructure needs, goals, and how to best utilize laptops, cloud, and virtualization. Here are a few high-level questions to help guide that journey.

Will NVIDIA vGPUs scale?

Yes, NVIDIA vGPU technology allows financial services organizations to centralize data and applications in the data center, delivering virtual workspaces with improved manageability, security, and performance while reducing downtime and support costs. IT can also easily manage large-scale virtualization deployments with
end-to-end visibility of the organization’s infrastructure and proactive monitoring.

How do NVIDIA’s remote work solutions enhance productivity?

NVIDIA virtualization solutions can satisfy unique financial services productivity needs such as multi-monitor support for brokerage systems and larger frame buffers for better data visualization and pattern recognition. NVIDIA’s GPU-powered laptops afford portability and support graphics-intensive applications on the go for
mobile financial services workers.


NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC (GRID vPC) and Virtual Applications (GRID vApps)

With NVIDIA GRID®, professionals can achieve a VDI user experience that’s nearly indistinguishable from a native PC. It provides virtualized access to online training, teleconferencing, Skype, and other graphics-intensive applications and enables users to multi-task across multiple, high-resolution monitors for
increased productivity.



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