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Posted on 20 March, 2020

Boston works closely with Cloud partners vScaler to enable a flexible approach to High-Performance Compute (HPC) in Research & Academia, Engineering, Finance and other computationally-demanding disciplines. This is achieved with utilising collaborative research environments as a tool to connect multiple teams, locations and a diverse range of computation workloads.

Businesses that may be looking for more agility in terms of provisioning IT resource can benefit from a private Cloud platform, which allows for the full functionality and features of public cloud, but without the security headaches. Private Cloud enables you to deploy powerful shared resource across an extended workforce without the need to retrofit remote working technology into their existing infrastructure.

With the utilisation of an on-premise Cloud setup, built on Supermicro hardware -  businesses are able to flexibly and quickly provision what is required when it's rquired. With bursting to the vScaler secure cloud, businesses can also ramp up resources for those unpredictable moments when your HPC is under immense stress. Burst Cloud saves you the huge costs of additional permanent hardware for greater elasticity in HPC.

What about security?

Security is always a concern when it comes to cloud migration. Having the majority of a business’s workforce working remotely can open the door to new world of security issues and IT headaches. Certain projects or data sets may need to be securely handled and restricted in terms of access. This is where features such as multi-factor and biometric authentication allow strict policies to be placed on specific data sets and applications within your organisation.

As a company that builds performance-optimised cloud solutions for our customers, we understand a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach just doesn’t work in the real-world. Our aim is to unlock your ultimate goal: a common, collaborative infrastructure that is performant for a wide range of users across a wide range of systems and devices.

Through vScaler, Boston can offer on-premise and off-premise Cloud with multiple hosting packages and locations across the world. Our secure remote service packages mean that you can focus on your business transformation efforts and leave administrative overheads to us. Our team of cloud experts will consult with you on a Cloud adoption and migration approach that best suits your needs and your Cloud strategy.

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