The Boston Games

Posted on 15 July, 2019

The Boston Games Match Report

After a 3-year hiatus, our Boston Games were back and in full flow!


The Boston Games {noun}; a time of friendly competition where colleagues compete in teams over a series of activities to hold bragging rights until the next Boston Games.


With the 3-year gap, this years’ Boston Games provided a fresh slate with several new employees joining the activities. After a warm-up led by our resident fitness-fanatics, Ryan and Joao, the participants were separated into 5 teams for the start of the competition! In our scoring system, 5 points were given for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd so after the first 2 games, Team 2 and Team 5 were tied on 6 points.


The Ball and Spoon Race {noun}; A modern twist on an old classic where a Boston Stress Ball replaces a hard-boiled Egg.


The Ball and Spoon race started with raucous screams of support from other Boston colleagues as the contenders held strong faces of concentration. Sabrina from Team 4 shot out to an early lead and held the lead all the way to victory by only dropping the ball twice! In line with our corporate culture, we’re pleased to announce that no eggs were harmed in the making of the Ball and Spoon Race. 

Just like business at Boston, our participants were taking leaps and bounds in the second game of the day – The Boston Standing Jump. After 3 jumps each, and a series of slips and falls, it was Chris from Team 2 that won with a jump of 107 inches!

Our third game, The Wheelbarrow Race, also started with rapturous shouts of support as the arms of the contenders ferociously waddled toward the finish line. There were many stumbles and tumbles on the track, but the pairing of Thomas and Luke proved decisive with Team 3’s first win of the day! 


The Boston Ball Throw {noun}; A contemporary take on the Shot Put where the brass ball is replaced by a foam Boston stress ball.


As you can imagine, it should be hard to throw a foam ball throw, but there were some impressive attempts with the winning throw going over 30 metres from Jaymish in Team 5!

The penultimate team event and the most anticipated moment of the day - The Boston Relay Race. The relay was a chance for the whole team to work together by combining the previous wheelbarrow and Ball and Spoon events with a length of hopping and a sprint to finish.

Team 3 took an early lead thanks to a stunning wheelbarrow leg by Tirell and Thomas. The other teams had no chance of closing the gap with Team 3 finishing first, Team 2 finishing second and Team 1 in third.

The activity we were all waiting for, the main event – The Boston Drag Race. Participants had to stop at intervals along the race to dress in the clothing provided. At the first station was a dress, followed by hair extensions, then a hat and a bracelet to finish. The support from the crowd was feverish with 3 teams in contention for first place. The race ended with a photo finish between Team 2 and Team 3, however, our marshals gave the victory to Rob in Team 2!

With the final race in the books, the results were in. Team 3 placed third on 14 points, Team 5 came second with 15 points, but the overall winners – and the team who will hold the bragging rights until The Boston Games 2020 - were Team 2 with 17 points!

As usual, our Boston Games finished with a friendly competition of Rounders to warm down before heading back to Headquarters for drinks and wood-oven baked pizza!

Thank you to all our Boston Games participants who made the day possible. We look forward to more people joining for The Boston Games 2020!

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