Supermicro: "Spoiler": New research Article on speculative execution in Intel processors

Posted on 08 March, 2019

Supermicro® Support has issued the following statement:

There is a new research article [] that discusses speculative execution in Intel processors (also known as "Spoiler"). We do not anticipate any Supermicro product upgrades due to these latest findings; however, if Intel informs Supermicro otherwise, proper product updates will be developed and posted. The following is a communication by Intel’s spokesperson on the subject:

"Intel received notice of this research, and we expect that software can be protected against such issues by employing side channel safe software development practices. This includes avoiding control flows that are dependent on the data of interest. We likewise expect that DRAM modules mitigated against Rowhammer style attacks remain protected. Protecting our customers and their data continues to be a critical priority for us and we appreciate the efforts of the security community for their ongoing research."


Tags: supermicro, spoiler

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