Tech Marketing and Innovation Awards

Posted on 18 May, 2018

Tech Marketing and Innovation Awards

Off the back of our nominations for the Storage Awards 2018, Boston is going from strength to strength; we're delighted to formally announce that we are finalists in four categories at the Tech marketing and Innovation Awards. Find out more about the categories we're finalists in; from the Best use of VR to the best Client Event of the Year, below!


Best Use of AR/VR

Developed in partnership with NVIDIA and HTC Vive, the Boston Roamer Multi-User Virtual Reality (MU-VR) Solution has progressed exceptionally since its conception in 2017. The Roamer MU-VR has been demoed at GTC Europe, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sopwell House for our MU-VR Solutions Day and is set to feature at SuperComputing in Dallas later this year!

Housed in a 10U ruggedised server rack case, our turnkey Roamer MU-VR solution currently transports up to 4 users into a virtual world in less than 30 minutes. Our team is continually working with HTC Vive and other partners to increase the number of industry application and simultaneous users to position the Roamer as a powerhouse in the VR-sphere.

We regularly invite interested parties to test this solution in our Boston Labs so get in touch!


Client Event or Experiential Strategy of the Year 

We celebrated our 25th Birthday in style earlier this year!

2018 ushered in the start of Boston’s 25th year of business, so what better way to celebrate than taking over two floors of Millbank Tower to overlook beautiful London city at night.

Our clients were treated to a 3-course fine dining dinner on Altitude 360 floor with an awards presentation to show appreciation to our longest serving employees and partners. Naming each table after a memorable historic solution provided attendees with nostalgia but that wasn’t the only feature on the night.

Being a leader in innovation and technology throughout the years, it was only right to show how technology has progressed through the night’s entertainment on the second floor, Skyloft. Our retro gaming cabinet provided a throwback to the 80s with famous games such as Pacman and Donkey Kong while, in contrast, the Roamer MU-VR solution demonstrated where gaming is moving to.

More entertainment included a live band, Titan the Robot, a Digital Caricaturist, and GIF Booth: view pictures from our unforgettable celebration!


Best Use of Social

Deep Learning Fundamentals Course Campaign.

Even if you’ve noticed it or not, Artificial Intelligence is in our lives every day and our Deep Learning Fundamentals Course campaign aims to make people aware of this. From Alexa and Siri to Netflix and Amazon recommendations, companies have been using Deep Learning to create better user experiences. Our campaign focused on being informative, displaying the ease of access and potential use of Deep Learning applications for their organisation.


Best Use of Video

The Boston Flash-IO Talyn video was created in-house by our talented team as NVMe Over Fabrics is a new buzzword in the industry but not a lot of people know what it means. We used our technical expertise to develop this video in layman’s terms with the aim to inform and educate.

The video displays the benefits of this new technology and works well on social media as an educational tool, a standalone video at events and conferences or as part of a wider marketing collateral package to be used by our partners and customers. 

We always position ourselves as thought leaders so making this as understandable as possible for the masses was the main objective. Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts!

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